Amazing cosplay art: V, from 'Cyberpunk 2077'

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Is it available in XXXL?


Witcher fan here… the jury is still very much out on whether this game will be good or… not good.

Yeah, leaving aside the race and gender issues that the studio seems ill-equipped to address, just the choice of source material alone is slightly problematic for the game. The old pen and paper RPG is both weirdly dated now (so very '80s) and was a strange mixture of elements at the time. (Throwing everything from Neuromancer to Japanese manga/anime involving battling mech-suits and cyborgs into the blender.) It tried to meld them all together by adding balancing mechanics that weren’t part of any of the source materials. I’ve seen some cyberpunk authors responding with a “WTF” to some comments by one of the game developers talking about something being a part of “cyberpunk” when clearly he was talking about the original game, not the genre. (Though I’m not sure the developer understood that.)

So although I’ve long wanted a AAA cyberpunk RPG, I’m a little uncertain about this.

Though this game has made me think a lot lately about what a late '80s/early '90s P&P RPG that tried to create a gameworld based on our actual 2020 would have looked like, and how totally weird and unbelievable and alienating it would have been. I can easily imagine that game sessions would devolve into absurdist comedy/slapstick because how could one take seriously a game premised on a world with Facebook, non-stop comic book movies, president Trump, etc.? It’s just too silly.

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Hmm. I think a lot of my P&P Call of Cthulhu games predicted 2020 quite well.

“You’ve looked upon the face of the Elder Trump. -5 SAN and your face is permanently orange.”

Yup. Works. Almost … too well.


I think the RPG spin-off of the Infinity wargame has a decent stab of extrapolating more contemporary trends like omnipresent social media into a plausible future.

Re: the OP, that’s some cool-looking cosplay.

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It is. I’m constantly blown away by cosplay these days (especially when I compare it to what I saw/did back in the day when I was going to cons). The bar keeps getting raised, too (and to rather ridiculously skilled heights).

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I reached out to her on Reddit where she had posted and she was unaware but pleased that it showed up here on Boing Boing.

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