Amazing face transplant gives firefighter new mug


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That’s incredible!
Quibble: the math doesn’t add up. 2011 wasn’t more than a decade ago…unless I slipped back ahead in time again.

Edit: my own temporal derp.


I noticed that too. 2001 was meant, perhaps?


Holy smokes. That’s going to make (I assume) a pretty massive difference in his quality of life.
I can’t even begin to imagine how something like this gets done.


I like it, and I’d go drinking with him.


Absolutely amazing.


How could it possibly cost 850 grand just to give a firefighter a new mu—ohhhh.

Seriously though, nicely done. That’s some Darkman-level facial reconstruction there.


motorcycle bicycle


Yeah… well… see I don’t know how I would feel about this. On one hand other people would feel better because, you know, he looks much more “normal”. But imagine every time you look in the mirror someone else is staring back at you. That has got to fuck you up mentally.

Or maybe he’s like, “Awesome. This is much better!” I hope it is that.

Couldn’t even imagine. I have a disease that could very well have caused me to look like the lady in the story below (I just have a weird variant form.) So while I am cursed with pain and a worthless leg, I do count my blessing I don’t have this form of the disease (knock on wood). So when it comes to stories like this I have this feeling it could have been me…


I’m going to go out a limb and say his new post-surgery face probably looks more like the face he grew up identifying with than his post-injury/pre-surgery face.


I have a hard enough time relating to the concept of “faces” generally. But for me, shelling out more than $850,000 to spend the rest of my life on immune-supressing anti-rejection drugs would need some huge benefits to be worthwhile. If I needed an organ to live, I might chance that sort of thing, but only if necessary.


“Blinking” is one of those things most people take for granted until they can’t do it anymore.


I agree! But I suspect that even I could build something which could lubricate my eyes for less than $1000, while not requiring a permanent supply of dangerous drugs.


“totally $850,000” should probably be “totalling.”


I think I’d still prefer eyelids, especially if I could get NYU to foot the bill.

But hey, to each their own.


Yeah, maybe better, but still I would think that would have some mental ramifications. Though I hope I am wrong.


The Hospital/University paid for it. They often do in such cases where they’re trying out something odd/new/different or experimental. This is pretty new and hasn’t been done much before (at least not the FULL face…).


Holy shit.


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The truth is that it’s probably somewhere in the middle.


As wonderful as this is, it’s still too much horror for me, right now.