Florida Man is upset he can't bring his large Donald Trump cutout to dialysis

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/02/14/florida-man-is-upset-he-cant.html

He wants to know why can’t bring his emotional support life-sized cutout of Trump with him to treatments


Aside from the fact that his cult leader is a flaming asshole, it’s a hinderance and a fire hazard. But hey, what really pisses this guy off is that he had to go to such extreme measures to get his desired persecution.


Dickish behavior intensifies…


Talk about playing the martyr. It sounds like the dialysis center was being perfectly reasonable until he introduced what amounted to a “traffic jam” into the equation.

Trumpers are some serious self entitled loons.

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Exactly. Like Internet tr0lls, they’re always escalating and testing the boundaries of what a reasonable venue will allow. And they’re under the mistaken impression that their protestations of innocence are fooling anyone.


It finally happened:


If he makes it through this dialysis regimen I hope he is able to get help from a cult survivor group.


stochastic terrorism : The use of mass public communication, usually against a particular individual or group, which incites or inspires acts of terrorism which are statistically probable but happen seemingly at random.

So this just proves that YMMV on what those random acts are.

It’s not life-sized, but it certainly is potentially creating a hostile environment for everyone else using that space…

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What is the one next to him mostly out of frame then?


Fine. Go elsewhere for your dialysis. What’s that? The dialysis centers in Florida all have four-to-six week waiting lists? Oh well, sucks to be you. Maybe Trump will help you.


Be thankful they drew the line at paper cut out. Next visit he was going to bring his Trump RealDoll ™



There should honestly be laws that people in medical environments have a right to freedom from politics. I’ve been to a lot of doctors and sat in a lot of waiting rooms with all kinds of news channels blaring – both conservative and liberal – and have to listen to people commenting on American politics bullshit all the time during these visits. Although I find it more annoying than anything, I could see how someone spewing their political ideology – regardless of their political leanings – could make someone upset by essentially forcing them to listen to it and deal with it. They’re not going to the clinic to get their treatments to see a goddamn cutout of a president or hear someone preaching from a soap box about who should run the country. They’re going there because the treatment is required for them to stay alive. Thank God I do not have to deal with kidney failure, or going to a center a few times a week. But if I did, I wouldn’t want to uncomfortable experience to be exacerbated by some douche who feels he needs to tout his love for Trump, or Bernie or Abe Lincoln for that matter. That being said, a framed portrait is one thing, or a MAGA hat or shirt, or pin. A live-sized cutout is an entirely different thing that shouldn’t be allowed in that setting.


In a dialysis clinic, it’s also an infection risk.


That and the equivalent of the paradox of intolerance, but instead of fascist speech occluding other speech, it’s that this guy’s self-soothing emotional support is _the act of irritating other people. No coincidence that this behavior falls on the troll---->fascist spectrum though.


I think this explains it, i.e. that photo is the first version as he gradually built up to the full real deal cut out: "Next, he started bringing a small cardboard cutout of himself standing next to a Trump photo. No one complained about the small cutout, and Gibson told the station that some people even took photos with it.

On Saturday, Gibson took a life-sized cutout of Trump to his treatment at Fresenius Kidney Care in Port St. Lucie."


I would like to thank Florida Man for the best laugh I’ve had all day.
I will keep this page open to glance at the headline for instant guffaw production.
Thinking any further on this = brain damage.

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I think a life size cut out of anyone would be a bit much. Unless it was Boba Fett. That would be cool…

He should just get one of those porn games with a mod and a VR head set and he can perform fellatio on Trump for the next 3 hrs.

I will say, as someone who dated someone with no working kidneys and went through peritoneal dialysis, dialysis sucks.


Indeed, he did bring in a life-sized cutout. That little cutout was just the warm-up act. Pretty sure if the life-sizer didn’t bring him his precious martyrdom, he would’ve escalated to bringing in a 10-foot tall cutout next.


It’s beyond hilarious that he’s bringing in a likeness of someone who would GLADLY steal his kidneys to save himself.