'The kidney has a very special place in the heart' —Trump, signing kidney health executive order

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If Mark Twain or Yogi Berra had said this it would be taken as an example of their excellent wit, but with Trump we know better.


of all the things Nostradumbass does so so wrong…verbal faux pas like this are absolutely the lowest on the list.


Hmmm…kidney spirits don’t sound very tasty.


I don’t even see this as a faux pas. Ask someone on the verge of kidney failure how dearly they think of their kidneys.



While this is true, I don’t feel Donnie personally cares too much about other people’s kidneys unless someone he’s in cahoots with stands to make a profit from said kidneys.


He’s getting worse. His frontal kidney must be failing.


I thought the kidney was a separate organ, and lower fown than the heart. I admit I never gave it much thought, or love until recent months.

I’ve been in the hospital since the end of March, a kidney failure. I don’t reme mber the first week. Maybe I remember the paramedics taking me out if my room.

I am one of the lucky ones. I was on dialysys for about two months, boring sesssions of four ir five hours hooked to a machine, three times a week. Even then severe diet restrictions.

But nobody talked about a transplant. The doctors daid they’d try to get the kidney going, so far four chemotherapy sessions, with two more scheduled.

Three weej ks ago, they canceled the dialysis abruptly. They wanted to see how my kidney was doing. It’ not perfect, but getting better. Diet restrictions fading with time. Last week they decided to remove the external hardware that was used to connect to the dialysis machine. I said “are yiu sure? I’d hate to remove it only to have to put it back later”. But things are good enough that they think all will be well.

I thought the dialtsis woukd be ongoing, a boring process that uses up time, but once you have the hardware, not really invasive.

So I guess I’m one of the lucky ones. Other issues came up, and then I was tio weak to walk, so I’m in rehab instead of being out in the summer sun. But I’m hoping it won’t take too long.

It has to be expensive. The machines are big, and not only is someone watching the machine, but hooking me up and disconnecting. Plus consunables, including prepackaged tools fior hooking and unhooking.

Canafa’s medicare takes care of all this. There is a place on the back of the card to sign if you’ll provide irgan transplants. When I renewed my card last summer, I did sign the back. Though I figured I.might expire and provide organs, rather than get sick and possible need an organ. You can change your mind, but organs can be vital to someone else. I think like blood, there my be issues of compatibility, with minority groups like native americans having more trouble ginding a.match, but I’m not certain.


If the Moon is part of Mars, this is nothing.



Glad you’re recovering, hope things get continually better.


I don’t really see how that matters. It’s like if he said “the sun rises in the east” and criticizing that he doesn’t care about people who are easily sunburned. It’s true no matter what his motivations are.

Just the other day I read a boinger saying if only facts were more important than talking points.

I’m definitely not a Trump supporter (him being both a wage thief, putting kids in concentration camps, and lots of everything else), but I do find this an amusingly memorable bit of word play.

The bigger question is whether this will effectively be helping people by reducing costs or improving access or both.

I hope that there is at least something beneficial he can get right and allow to get passed.

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All I’m saying is, he performed a function which I don’t think he really put much concern into. I don’t care myself what he said about it. It got done. Good.
I’m mainly relieved he wasn’t in his usual “What’s in it for me?” mode when it came time to sign off (fingers crossed this holds true in time).


Why, oh why, do I feel that behind this is some overpriced dialysis grifter pledging his support to the Trump campaign or some creepy plan to get
desperate poor people to sell their kidneys?


Well gaffs aside, I hope this order does some actual good for people suffering kidney problems.

My first GF lacked kidneys. She was born with tiny, useless ones because here mom was pregnant and on the pill. She had a transplant when she was young (IIRC the youngest to receive one, as the time.) But her body later rejected it it. When I met her she was on peritoneal dialysis, where the sac that holds your organs is filled and drained several times a night. She had this huge scar on her arm where the tubes for blood dialysis had fused to the skin and had been removed. Still, she took all of this in stride and was a better person than most people out there. Unfortunately, this all caught up with her and she died in her late 20s. The dialysis wasn’t working, and I guess after weighing options she decided to just let nature take its course. I found out ~ half a year later and sent a sympathy card. Her mom later called to thank me and tell me the background. I think I finally moved on by burning her letters only ~5 years ago. She was a good egg.


This is one of the most accurate and insightful things he’s said in a long time.

This is merely a natural output of the distraction machine.



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