Trump's 'miracles coming down from God' rely on fetal tissue from abortions

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As if this will make any difference to the Xtianist evangelicals who support him. As long as he delivers a SCOTUS justice who’s in favour of controlling women’s bodies they’re good with him no matter what else he says or does.


The definition of irony.


More like the definition of hypocrisy. Or maybe it just reveals what the real “pro-life” goal is, which is to turn back the gains women have made. More than almost anything else, contraception and legalization of abortion have had more of a material impact on women’s emancipation. The ability to control our reproduction is just as central as the laws passed about things like marriage, jobs, and our economic autonomy from the men in our lives.


Little from Column A, little from Column B.

Trump isn’t actually pro-life, just like he isn’t a Christian. It’s just veneer.

If he knocked up some poor woman, he would be paying for an abortion so fast, the ink on the NDA wouldn’t be dry yet.

You’re right, pro-choice is important to keep in place.


I’m less talking Trump than I am some of the pro-life movement. We all know he’s an opportunist. If people are anti-choice, but don’t give two shits about separating families, the people who have died in the pandemic, supporting the poor via a social programs, the health care crisis, America’s endless wars, or the death penalty, then they are being hypocrites.

In fact, I’d argue potential life (a clump of cells) should not dominate the discussion being pro-life, when actual lives are constantly being demeaned and thrown away in our society today, because they are too poor, or have the “wrong” skin color, or the “wrong” place of birth…



Hahaha. No, he’d first make her sign an NDA and have his lawyer scare the fuck out of her, then he’d call David Pecker and have him write a hit piece on her that he’d then wave under her nose, then he’d tell her that if she didn’t get an abortion he would have Pecker run the story and ruin her career, then, when she finally did go ahead and have an abortion he would ghost her and send Rudy Giuliani to let her know under no uncertain terms that trump had never met her, heard of her or even seen her despite the photo evidence to the contrary.

Then he’d send her a bill for the Rudy’s fees.


Aw, part of me was hoping for a new conspiracy theory to take over whatever is #1 with the folks on Fruit Bowls. Something about evil corporate overlords from an evil Pharma company polluting the perfect body of Dear Leader and sacrificing the unborn to do it…


I’m pretty sure he’s paid for at least one abortion, because it was the cheapest option. Probably wrote it off as a business expense.


Not to be the well actually guy here but when the enemy depends on lies we must be vigilant with the truth. It was not abortions plural. It was from a cell line derived from a single abortion over 40 years ago. Many pro-life people consider that to be irredeemably tainted but there are plenty who are willing to admit that no lives are saved by abandoning research using such cell lines. Not that this has anything to do with Trump’s feelings on the matter. In Trump’s case I am pretty sure he would kill a baby with his bare hands to get well. Or he would if his tiny little hands were up to the task.


Water, wet. Day ending in Y. Karen’s out shopping at Wal-Mart again etc.



Likely inflated the cost to include the hairstyling he had to get afterwards as well.


My guess is that if it took Essence of Newborns to keep him alive, he’d be mainlining it already, then denying that he took it, then denying that it came from newborns; then he’d be like “Biden will raise taxes!!!”

But it literally doesn’t matter to his base, or to pretty much anyone anymore. Either you already believe and support him no matter what, or you have a conscience and he’s already horrified you with his past behavior.




I don’t see the anti-abortion crew lingering on this news for long. It’ll be easily written off as “as their souls sit in heaven, the souls of aborted-baby-angels guide doctors on earth to reuse their discarded bodies to heal the most precious, dear, holy leader america has ever known.”


Hypocricy would require that he was aware of the origin of this drug, which seems extremely unlikely. We are talking about a president who describe the corona virus as “particles of dust”.


Once again, I’m talking about the pro-life movement here, not just Trump. I’m well aware that he’s an opportunist with no moral center. I have not been asleep for the past 4 years after all.


Similar to this:

PETA Senior Vice President MaryBeth Sweetland on her use of insulin, which was tested on animals:

“I’m an insulin-dependent diabetic. Twice a day I take synthetically manufactured insulin that still contains some animal products — and I have no qualms about it … I’m not going to take the chance of killing myself by not taking insulin. I don’t see myself as a hypocrite. I need my life to fight for the rights of animals.”


Friggin PETA. Giving us animal lovers bad names.
I feel like they’re the lefts answer to the NRA but without the power to influence policy.


Well, it’s possible he used it as part of some other sort of business fraud or money laundering, somehow.

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