Trump promises "some form of punishment" for women who have abortions after it is banned

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It’s almost as if adapting your position to fit every single issue dear to the Republican base was some kind of recipe for making you into a completely horrible human being.

Granted, Trump had a head start, but it’s still pretty impressive how profoundly evil he has become in such a short period.


No kidding.

In Trump’s “defense”, he was already a pretty horrible person (just ask the ex-wife he raped), but becoming a Republican is the diarrhea-flavored icing on the corn-filled chocolate cake.



Please continue to let Trump be Trump. We deserve that as a country.

Continue. You have all of our attention Mr. Republican Nominee for sure. Continue.


Arguably, it is his disinterest in following ALL the Republican shibboleths that is keeping the Cruz campaign on life support.


Jesus Christ. Because it’s not punishment enough to have to seek out some ‘back alley’ service or have to resort to trying to induce a miscarriage, and all the fear and terror that entails, should you find yourself pregnant and unable to continue that pregnancy for whatever reason in a society in which abortion is made illegal?


Yes Drumpf & the GOP! Please continue to send every Man, Woman, Minority, & Veteran in the USA to the Democrats, you’re doing fine!


That’s normal for any Republican candidate in a federal election campaign. Not to be confused with the same Republicans once elected.

Ronald Reagan campaigned on an anti-abortion platform. Once elected, he turned his back on the anti-abortion crowd. Bush II - and most of his allies in Congress - promised to ban abortion. And yet when Republicans controlled the House, Senate AND White House - at the same time - for a couple years during his Presidency - and the Democrats could not have stopped them - they… forgot. Slipped their minds completely.

Instead all they do is stop funding for international family planning programs, giving them the illusion of action while not affecting American voters. (Action which likely leads to an increase in abortions.)

The closest thing to a real exception is Bush II’s change to the Nixon-era “Right of Conscience Law.” But let’s be honest here: This was done AFTER the election, two days before Obama took power as a dirty trick, a change Republicans would never make otherwise. In changing it back, Obama mirrored the policies of the last five Republican presidents while they were in office. (Including the first 2920 days of Bush II’s 2922 days in office.)


I think that one data point that the GOP and their professional pols are monitoring with pursed lips just clicked up to 71%.

It’s like a cry for help with this guy.


Yep, because when it comes right down to it, Republicans get abortions too. They just feel like “The only moral abortion is my abortion. When you do it, it’s a sin.” Double-plus if it’s the abortion of a daughter or a mistress.


I agree - keep talking Trump!

One Weird Trick To Lose The 2016 Election: Alienate Women


So is Drumpf simply the Tay of Politics?

Perhaps Tay found its shell a long time ago and MS is simply trying to figure out the leftover ghost?

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I think you’re down playing just how evil Trump was to start. Hell the disturbing race stuff goes back to his father. And he spent most of his career effectively fucking over NYC and assorted other cities. I think its more of a question of how much of his past, seemingly reasonable positions were predicated on just not giving a shit. Certainly most of them date back longer than a decade and before he had any political involvement. And the areas where he’s apparently changed, or supposedly pandering are exceptions. Most of his crazy shit he’s been on about pretty much forever. Even his well attested donations to liberal and democratic politicians sit in a context of donations to any politician, regardless of affiliation or position, provided he thinks its advantageous.

This is a guy who’s pretty much never done anything if he can’t extract personal benefit at some one else’s expense. Underneath the con job has always been a straight up scum bag. Even this crap about his position on abortion changing/morphing/pandering is undercut by the deep well of misogyny shooting out of him since the minute he became a public figure. Yeah he said he was pro-choice at some point in the past, but he still clearly hated women long before that ever came out of his mouth.


Republicans didn’t move on the issue in the first six years of Bush’s administration because they never will – why kiss goodbye to millions of reliable and faithful votes in elections at all levels?


I’m starting to wonder if Trump is simply trying to find out whether the saying “well, at least he can’t possibly get any worse” is something that is achievable in reality…


I see now why The Young Turks have made a practice of blurring his face.

Everything about him is obscene.


Oh just let Trump Be Trump.


Trump’s Dick: “…and I will volunteer, as President, to administer that punishment in the form of spankings for those bad, bad women.”

Trump’s Brain: “Too far! We can’t actually say that! Not yet!!”


What a smooth mover. He sure knows how to woo the ladies.