Amazing hi-def video of beetles, larvae, and maggots eating fish

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Read the headline, expected to see something about the “Martin Shkreli Diet.”

What if it is already occupied?

A friend of mine was the Head Mammal Preperator at Chicago’s Field Museum a while back. She took me on an underground tour and it was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had. There were Carl Akeley skins and you could put your finger through the bullet hole. Huge cabinets with a few elephant skulls in them. Enormous vaults filled with drawers and drawers of pangolins and civets and platypuses. A warehouse sized room containing tank after tank of alcohol-preserved zebras and giraffe heads. That room had a huge ventilation system to deal with any fires. A big alcohol fire there could take out the whole museum if it weren’t for the exhaust hood. The skull of the puma that was shot in Roscoe Village in 2008. The Lincoln Park Zoo’s polar bear skeleton. We spent two hours down there and I could have spent two weeks. Anyway, this is relevant because I got to see the beetle room. They were currently working on a two-faced calf. It also wasn’t nearly as putrid as I’d have thought. If you ever get the chance to see what a museum has beyond the displays, take it.

Uh, yeah… I’m not clicking that link.

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