Amazing interactive globe shows the very different location of your city 750 million years ago

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It will really bake their noodles when they later realize how many billion miles away it is from where it would have been…


Here’s the interactive globe website, which is inexplicably not linked in the OP.


The Ratel kit is in dinosaur phase, so I’m happily reading up on them every chance I get. The surprising thing to me is how close to our current continental configuration the world was during the Cretaceous.

Ooh, so I looked up Tucson, AZ, and it turns out to have been on or near a shorline in the Ediacaran, which of course would be a pretty special time to have fossils from. But then I thought, yeah, but is there actually any chance of there being rock from that era in the area, and so I picked San Francisco, CA, which I know didn’t exist in any fashion (most of CA’s west coast was formed strings of volcanic islands erupting in the Pacific Plate (a la Hawai’i) and then slowly being driven into the North American Plate with the seafloor part subducting but the raised islands being “scraped off” onto the continent.

Could not resolve location for “San Francisco, California, US”

Its tectonic plate doesn’t track that far into the past - try switching to a more recent year!


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