Ancient Earth Globe: see what the world looked like from space in the age of the dinosaurs


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That’s pretty cool. It’s fun to see how the Earth has changed over the periods.


you can get really big globes at stanfords

they even stock navigation maps…


That’s an elevation map, the Sahara hasn’t been green in quite a while.


That’s not really big. It’s just very close.


Nor is it a cow.


Evidently oceans used to be much bigger


Navigation maps of Gondwanaland? How would those be useful…?


Time-traveling Cruise ships. We can have tourists ruin other entire geological eras!


And here it is 0 million years ago, right before the Post-anthropocene Extinction Event

the signs of the coming are obvious now; europe-wide drought like never occurred before; in berlin, just for example, it rained about 10 days since mid-april and its the hottest period in germany between april to juli ever known. its becoming finaly kinda real and scary. Im pretty sure we are already in a runaway and the 2°C-limit is just wishfull thinking and everybody in the climatescience-comunity knows it. 4°C till 2100 seems almost certain, and that means fucked up beyond repair, plain and simple.


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