Watch the arctic ice cap disappear in these National Geographic maps


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Maps have a liberal bias.


But how come it’s cold where I live?

We are doomed.


unfortunately there are enough caviats from the NASA guy that there will be people who claim the map is in dispute


The progression of these maps reminds me of the time one of my kids mentioned something (this was maybe 10-15 years ago now?) that made me correct her because she said Neptune was the furthest planet, not Pluto. Turns out, in the years since I had learned the planets in my youth (and I even took astrophysics in college) the elliptical orbit of Neptune had put it further from the sun than Pluto, so the kid was right.

I still think of the Arctic area as looking like the first map. I know there has been severe ice loss…I just hadn’t changed the map in my head from what I learned when I was young.

Which tells me I need to send this to the people I love who spend too much time believing Fox News.


of course since Pluto isn’t considered a planet anymore, it doesn’t matter what its orbit does. it is now the outermost of the 8 planets of the solar system. :grinning:


Yeah, thanks, I am now finally caught up on all that!!


The Earth was once a molten ball of lava, so really we’re in a long-term cooling trend!


How can they --oh, facts. nvm…


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