Cool gifs reveal the orbital period of each planet

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Now this is what animated .gifs were invented for! It’s even better than getting three randomly-chosed seconds of Game of Thrones over and over again.

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Did the .gif load or is that just a really long orbital period?


Which means that Neptune has barely managed one orbit since we discovered it in 1846.


And poor Pluto got kicked out of the planet club before it could complete even one!


Hell, when I was growing up, Pluto was the 8th planet because of its funky orbit. None of this 9th planet rubbish, let alone kicking it out entirely.


Pluto: What do you mean I am not on the list, My girlfriend, Persephone, is in there.
Doorman (Mike Brown): I am sorry sir, you are not on the list so I cannot let you into the club.
Pluto: Neptune, Neptune! Tell this guy to let me in, he says I am not on the list.
Neptune: (quickly turns away and walks inside out of sight)…

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Yeah, I’m still waiting for Uranus.

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