Amazing Mario glitch allows game to be turned into Flappy Bird


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This is glorious.


Welcome to the weirdest, most painful, most existentially-nightmarish IDE

Naw, dude - I worked with VBA for applications for 8 years. That’s like VB6 died and went to hell.


Ye gods above, did he really reprogram a fucking SNES cartridge using it’s own controller, IN GAME?


Programming your simulation from within the simulation… Makes this comic even more interesting:


This is a total nerd/geek version of a David Blaine stunt.






that is some pretty crazy stuff!


Follow the white Yoshi, Neo.


That power up glitch.

Disco Mario!


This is sort of like how, if I drink precisely the right combination of shots, I gain the flight and invincibility powerups.


I didn’t see any information about the bug being exploited here… is it just something weird about how the SNES treats memory? Does it just shift everything byte by byte every so often?


The video does give a basic treatment on how it happens.

Basically, getting a power-up rewrites memory address A with value B. Except there are various values of B that byte A was never meant to have, and if you can get them, you put the computer in a state where address C is a pointer to address D instead of address E. Building up just the right kinds of nonsense numbers lets you write code, instruction by instruction, in otherwise empty memory.

What impressed me the most was that he (and his collaborators) weren’t really just brute-forcing the code by virtue of fantastically dextrous button-mashing; they were creating programming tools by brute force and then using those to more elegantly “type” in the values. I want his next video to be him coding Linux into Super Mario World so that he can just download a browser and play Flappy Bird directly.


That guy is such a munchkin. He makes Minecraft videos too, with perversions like automatic flying cow generators. And the invisible giant spiders, my God!


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