Nintendo programmer coded Game Boy classic without using a keyboard


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I don’t know if there’s a hell, but if there is, it may solely consist of programming for the rest of eternity with just a trackball control


I came here just to say this sounds like hell and I see it’s already been done. :+1:


Is this like using a remote control to navigate Netflix and search for long titles? Because I’m qualified to do that.


Obligatory xkcd is obligatory.


looks up from punchcard reader

They made a TRACKBALL?!

sets fire to boxes of cards labeled “Super Mario Land 4”


Small correction. It’s Masahiro Sakurai, not Sakura. :slight_smile:


Making things Nintendo Hard, the Nintendo Hard way.


I thought that was odd. Tales of the burnout he experienced working on the latest Smash Bros game have inspired fanciful speculation that the final boss is somehow representative of his inner conflicts.


trackball and an on-screen keyboard

Essentially, they were using a Famicom to make Famicom games. Sakurai told the crowd, “It’s like using a lunchbox to make lunch”.

Although the lack of keyboard certainly was an issue, the idea that you use the same system to develop a game as to deploy it isn’t unusual. Every 8-bit computer game was developed on the 8-bit computer itself.


On one hand yes, on the other hand they were computers because they had keyboards.


Of course, we had it rough. We had to enter our game code as names on the Top Ten of the previous game, three letters at a time with a joystick.


… but even as an 8-year old kid I wasn’t patient enough to do anything using paddles.


And in Malbolge.


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