Amazing photos along China's Silk Road


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Nice, but, just four pics? Are there any more?


There is an embed from Google Plus with over a hundred photos - you have to click it and go to his Google Plus page. I don’t know if this direct link will work, but I accessed it via the same boingboing post you’re looking at.


Nice coincidence. I was already planning on making my own excursion to the local branch of the Silk Road.


Awesome! Thanks!


The 'noodle tosser" is awesome, and on a side note, I particularly love it when someone plays with my food before I play with it.


A browser plug in was blocking that for me, see it now…


I thought you needed TOR to get to Silk Road?


(Not when you’re in China.)


Awesome pics. Just awesome.


Yes. You do need TOR to get to the silk road. And Santa.

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