Amazing rendition of 'Smooth Criminal'

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Pretty awesome.

This is still my favorite:

This was apparently a comedy club in San Diego. My favorite part is the MC at the end.


Oh, goodness. I haven’t heard of ApologetiX in quite some time. I remember their website had a FAQ. Something like Q: “Aren’t you doing the same thing as Weird Al?” A: “We sing about God. Weird Al sings about food.” (It looks like they’ve updated their “FAQ’s” (sic) since).

Also, technically, a parody of the Alien Ant Farm cover.

ETA: And just watched the AAF video. 20 year old video, and the first thing you see is a kid Jackson dancing wearing a face mask. What on earth is even happening?

I really want to see that guy play with these guys


it was a thing he did.

also, I heard that they had to re-shoot the kid sans-mask and re-release the video because Jackson threatened to sue. He was sensitive about the tabloids’ coverage of his mask use for some reason, I think they used it to report on health problems that he didn’t actually have (maybe AIDS?) but don’t remember the particulars.
I guess now that he’s gone, they reverted to the original cut of the video.

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In retrospect wearing a medical face mask in public was probably one of the most sensible things Michael Jackson ever did in his adult life.


Thanks for that. Aside from some The Jackson 5 45s I stole from my parents’ Motown collection, I never really got into MJ. (But I did have a blast playing the records slowed down.)

Knowing that, I probably only saw the maskless version all those years ago when MTV or MM still played music videos sometimes.

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