Amazing sushi-roll art


Fetuses you eat. Cannot imagine the reaction this would get from the pro-life community. Mute, gaped mouths, probably. Maybe some cultural slurs thrown in, too? (“They’re also the guys with the penis festivals, right?”)

Perhaps this should be called sushi-troll art?

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I would hope that people would be able to tell the difference between art and real life. I don’t think those rolls are made from actual aborted fetus.

Then again, I wouldn’t put anything past die hard fundamentalists. There’s something about total dedication to a cause that warps ones sense of perspective.

I’m 100% pro-choice, but I don’t think I could eat a fetus roll. Unless it was really tasty.

I thought it was a panda fetus.

Tastes just like chicken, I’m told.

Oh, they’re mad tasty, except when itamae is a little sloppy with the mock placenta.

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