British sausage roll shop apologizes for this amazing painting of baby Jesus as an enormous sausage roll


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I am not sensing a shred of contrition.


“And as they did eat, Jesus took up the sausage roll, and blessed it and gave to them, and said, Take, eat: this is my body.” [Greggs 14:22]




Interesting point. Pork is not kosher, it’s true, but neither is human flesh.




Replace the sausage roll with a steak bake. Problem solved. Tastier, too.


So, two things. Thing one: I am a Christian and a vegetarian. I am not offended, and I think it’s kind of funny. Although there’s something off about the focus/depth of field that makes my eyes go squiggly. Thing two: do they really think that Jews are overly concerned about depictions of Jesus Christ?


I’m Jewish, and I’m certainly not offended. A human baby is just as un-kosher as a pork sausage, so there’s no issue there.


You need to come back to perfidious Albion for a visit, @beschizza, if you think the sausage rolls were good, as they now do one with shredded brisket and Stilton which is divine. They’ve also changed the pastry recipe so it doesn’t give you heartburn an hour later. They sausage and bean melt has gone down hill however, as they no longer use mini hot dogs, but their sausage rolls meat instead.


I’m stunned. The British, world-renowned for their keen senses of humor, are offended by this? Another crack in my personal foundation has appeared.


I can’t believe I never considered this before, but when Jesus is baptized by John, would that be the moment he becomes a Christian?

For the nitpickers…yes, I know Christianity is a retroactive term, but the faith existed from that moment, seeing that John prophesied his arrival?


So… they’re not upset by the fact that baby Jebuz, the son of gawd, creator of all creation is being blasphemed, but because it’s a pork roll? So, if it were a beef roll it would be acceptable? Jebuz H. Christ!


Welp, now I know what I’m using for my holiday cards.


I think it’s a photo, not a painting @beschizza


“Only 75p each, or four for £2!”


No apology necessary.


Are you insane? Who has beef sausage rolls? Now if it was a cheese(us) pasty, that would be different.


Oh look, it’s Fanon Jesus.


It’s nothing new.

When we had Monty Python on television, we also had the likes of Mary Whitehouse protesting against it.