America, please don't explore planets when you haven't even had a sausage roll


Rule Britannia. And it’s our pleasure.


Whatevs dude. We’ve got burgers on donuts:


I can actually see how that might be great. Brioche is, after all, sweet.


If i am wondering the UK alone, I will stop at vritually any sausage roll/pastie or meat pie shop. If I’m not alone we stop at more.


Wait until they discover the roll-in-a-roll and have their trans-Atlantic minds blown.

(nb - should have butter & tomato sauce)


Nah, it’s the chip shops for me. Post-celebratory fish/chips wrapped in newsprint and steaming hot with a shitload of salt and malted vinegar…oh be still my heart. Literally, I know, but still…


In remember encountering an American tourist in Melbourne wanting to experience a Beef Pie. I pointed them to a shop, “Well it contains animal products of some sort.”

Similarly, sausage rolls? As with hot dogs, contents largely unknown.


Greggs to expand across the Atlantic?


Certainly genuine animal products, 50% guaranteed!


exploring strange new worlds yo



I’m hungry


#Which sausage roll is correct

  • Loose sausage in a flaky crust
  • Hot dog/vienna sauage style rolls
  • Just give me a steak pie

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The Australian equivalent. Little meat pies instead of hotdogs.


As with all junk food, there are awful mass produced lumps of starch to be covered in tomato sauce, and there can be quality version with taste and ingredients.


That thing is looking at me! Make it stop!


They’re gonna lose their minds when they discover chip butties. :wink:


Ooooh, now I’ve got a craving :fries: + :hamburger:


There’s a lovely Manchester pub near my work that has the best jukebox and the only place in Toronto that has proper chip butties. We always take any stray gap year kids there when they’re homesick. :slight_smile:


Surely Americans have put fries in a sandwich. Surely.


Chip cob, please.

@japhroaig not Steak and Kidney?