Now there's Tide Pods sushi and, yes, it's edible

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I think a wave of “oh noes look at what those stupid teenagers are doing now” would be a small price to pay if these products were actually changed into a form that wouldn’t look appealing to toddlers or the mentally deficient, i.e. those who really can’t know better. Alas, it seems such a change is not yet forthcoming.

I was discouraged from ever buying these things when I found one lying in an icky half-dissolved mess at the bottom of a communal washing machine.


I thought for sure the title said “Tide Pools Sushi”, so like, raw clams and snails.

I wouldn’t eat that either.


On the other hand, if we can convince Trump that the backlash against eating these things is all a librul conspiracy, we may solve several problems at the same time.

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You might be on to something there: one of my fav sub plots happens in a novel line called “Otherland” which involved attempts to stop an artsy serial killer by creating a “rival”, who deliberately escalated that rivalry and eventually challenged the killer to a “suicide off”.

i worked on the original ads for these cursed pods, back in 2009 maybe. midway through production the commercials were canceled, possibly due to this hazard

In his pre-Python days Michael Palin had a routine that included eating a bowl of Tide.
He recorded it in his post-Python days (I think).
I know I have seen it, but I can’t seem to find a link anywhere.

Still no joy.
So here is Mr Gumby, showing us how to arrange flowers:

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