A gritty Netflix-style documentary on the Tide Pods epidemic


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You can always tell a Harvard man. They have salmonella.

“Goldfish swallowing was an American school trend starting in the 1920s, where a live goldfish was swallowed. Although it’s not clear how the fad emerged, various people have made claims. A 1963 letter to the New York Times claimed that it was started by a man named Lothrop Withington Jr. Withington was a freshman at Harvard University who aspired to become class president and was willing to do what it took to receive the votes of his classmates.”


  1. I find it funny that when comparing household dangers in the past several years, that I cited Tide pods and other cleaning chemicals which lead to 42,000+ per year, yet most people don’t keep them under lock and key (granted, that number is not just household poisonings.) It is getting worse because people don’t respect chemicals.

  2. The problem is, kids have never been force fed soap as punishment. That usually takes the “thrill” out of this sort of thing.


On (1), just last month, part of a mall near me had to be evacuated because Chipotle spilled cleaning fluids.



Good lord. Is mass poisoning part of Chipotle’s mission statement? I cannot believe people still walk in those doors.


Kids in my day were content with Juicy Fruit.


My (almost) 3yo loves eating soap, in the bathtub, off her hands when washing, the suds when I wipe down her tray after dinner. I mean, soaps are pretty nice smelling, but yeah, tf they had a visual factor too? we’d definitely have to keep an eye on her…



Put this pod by your bed, and when you wake up, you’ll be one of us.


Real connoisseurs prefer Coors over Bud Light, Pepsi over Coke, and Cascade over Tide.



excellent lol


If stupid teenagers start eating Tide Pods - let them. Natural selection … or do you want them to become a future POTUS.


I can’t wait for the movie version of the salacious best seller: The Dope on Soap Doping Documentarying, detailing the behind the scenes shenanigans of the Tide Pods epidemic parody documentary.



OMG! Forbidden fruit!


Wouldn’t that be child abuse?


Washing your mouth out with soap? I’d say no. Something more severe? Possibly yes.



I wasn’t either. I don’t think there was a time that I though eating cleaning chemicals was a good idea after I had learned what they were though.


Aw yes, all the likes for Sam & Max references! New Sam and Max, from the look of it!


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