Tide pods are just the beginning! Behold the world of Forbidden Snacks


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What are people eating that this stuff looks like food!?


OMG that rat poison looks like the very best, top shelf compressed corn sugar and cherry-like flavouring! I bet it tastes so good I could just die…


I had one of these moments. My girlfriend loves candy, and I had some cured salmon roe I was dyeing red in the fridge for trout fishing. She took them out and asked if they were gummy bears.




Played this game over the holidays with family… Good Lord and Sonny Jesus!! These flavors are absolutely disgusting…


Sounds like it’s time for the Tide Pod Challenge geniuses to up their game!


I could have sworn that the Tide Pod crisis happened a few years back as well. Yet the world is treating this as completely novel.


When Henry Rollins and Ian Mackaye used to work together at a Hagen Daaz, they’d put out rat poison as a possible topping because it looked edible, and they just wanted people to have the option. Not that they ever let people select the option, but given they were in DC it wouldn’t have been the worst idea.


IIRC a few years ago the panic was about little kids eating them after mistaking them for colorful gummy-type candy. Today’s panic is about kids old enough to read (and know better?) eating them on purpose.


I feel for the guy who had to figure out what “centipede” tasted like.


I got booger three times in a row. I finally had to give up with spoiled milk. Just about lost my lunch after that one.


Rats seem to have delicate stomachs.


Why you gotta make suicide sound so unappetizing?

Oh. . . right. My bad.


Holy shit when did they have Pencil Shavings and Centipede flavor? I guess I don’t see Dogfood flavor here either so maybe this is an older iteration of flavors?

My kids love this Beanboozled game.


looks like my kinda game.


it’s because, if i recall right, they can’t really vomit, so anything even mildly toxic is staying in their systems a while even if their body begins to notice its sick.


Items with artificial colors, artificial flavors (which is to say scents), and most likely some things like wax, glycerin, etc. In other words, there’s actually a certain amount of overlap of ingredients…


I’m really REALLY concerned about this whole Tide pods eating meme. To me it seems like the congealment of an underlying self destruction subculture in the United States into a proper internet meme.

Something is very wrong deep into the American psyche if they find funny, amusing or novel the concept of eating poison. It’s some sort of double down against common sense that has being going for decades: Kindergartens shootings? Buy more guns! Fat epidemic? Chick-a-fill! Police shooting unarmed citizens? Military grade weapons for them! Black Lives Matter protests? Literal Nazis! The need for a better education system? Flat Earth! Crooked politicians? Donald Trump! The constant devaluation of human lives? Eat a fucking Tide pod challenge!

It is like Americans are really really tired of this shit and just want to die with a wide foaming grin in their faces.


So, they’re now moving on to ever more poisonous stuff…
And it’s mostly teens that haven’t yet reproduced?

Yeah… “Darwin in action!”


such as pebbles, toilet cleaner or rat poison

I just didn’t need to know this…