Amazon enters retail top 10


Walgreens surprised me… I know that tbey are everywhere, but I just don’t think of them as being that big.

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When you head a column of numbers with a title indicating scale (BEELLIONS, meaning billions), then the reader thinks the numbers indicate how many billions. For example, for a second I thought you meant Walmart’s sales were $334,302,000,000,000,000. Which seemed high, and so I clicked through and found out their sales were “only” $334.3 billion. So, anyway, funny titles are good. /cpa

In related news, the Internet, seeking a more stable and reliable source of energy, began construction of the first pods for its human “consumers”.

Walmart has the 35th largest economy in the world (compared to nominal GDP). Above Denmark’s ~320bill and below South Africa’s ~350bill.

It is also over 2.3 times as much as Bangladesh’s ~140bill, and five times as much as Belarus.

(data from CIA World Fact Book 2013)

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