Amazon is liable for in-app charges racked up by pesky children, federal judge rules


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Every time I see a commercial that includes the phrase, “Kids! Get your parents’ permission before going online!” I laugh. Although it seems like I don’t hear that as much anymore. I guess companies realized the futility of it.


The shits and giggles just keep coming, I think.


“Son, why are there thousands of dollars in charges on my credit card?”
“Well, dad, you remember how you thought that free game you got me would be a good replacement for parenting?”



My son is going to be so pissed. He just turned 18.


I wonder if the same logic will be applied to their ‘dash’ buttons at some point?


I fondly recall the “Kids! Get your parents’ permission before calling into our AMAZING joke phone line!” 1-900 lines.

(I didn’t, and after a few weeks of calling it once or twice a day at $2.99 for the first minute and 1.99 for every minute after, I was banned from phone privileges for a long time)


Yeah, funny how my 6 year old’s Amazon Fire device keeps getting the parental lock on spending disabled. Really, really, sick of dealing with all that.


Why, now he can order all the stupid stuff on TV. I love when they are selling Magic Markers that change colors when you use them under water, and then say “must be 18 or older to order”. If you’re 18 or older, I doubt you want that crap.


now’s the time for him to hurry up and get some damn grandkids!


At least it was just a joke line and not one of those other 1-900 numbers. A kid in my Scout troop got kicked out after he used a church phone to call one of those.

Me, I was the kid who called the They Might Be Giants Dial-A-Song line.


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