FTC sues Amazon over in-game purchases by children



My God, how did the FTC get teeth? Quick, somebody, cut their budget!

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My son burned us for $100 with some stupid in-game app. He bought in-game currency with real-world money that I earned. Obviously he didn’t know what he did until I explained it to him. He didn’t spend any of the in-game currency, but I couldn’t get the app developer to refund our money. The credit card company said that we could contest the charge, but that it would probably be decided against us (they were sympathetic though, for all the nothing that’s worth).

The simple way to prevent this is to turn the tablet’s internet connection off while the kids play games. I know that now.

The better solution is for us all to go outside and play.

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Or play LEGO. Tabletop gaming is also nice. There’s also BrikWars, which is both.

Actually, right now the kids are on a kick making origami Star Wars figures. Pretty neat.

I think it would help if all games that include the function to buy anything in-game must include the special turd symbol on their icons and logos. This will quickly let you know if you’re about to be gouged by soulless demons and it could help protect your loved ones from being entranced and fleeced.

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