Still playing 'Fortnite' after all these years...

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Not to worry! They have experience at this!


… It’s a battle royale game, which I’ve never been fond of, because the last time I did PvP, it was with people that make the sterotypical COD 13 year old look like a placid, peaceful zen type, and I nope’d right the eff out of it, and never went back.

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@jlw Welp - I finally got on the band wagon about 6 months ago or so? I mainly play with my GF who hooked me.

I did play PUBG for awhile, but Fortnite overall I think is a more fun game. Though it can be frustrating at times. I think console players definitely have a handicap compared to mouse players. And this season feel harder. I did do some settings changes that seemed to help my aiming some.

I do like how they make tweaks to it every couple weeks, shifting in and out weapons, and introducing special ones, as well as map changes. Though the current seasons complete rehash was a bit jarring.

Anyway - yes - no build. Christ I don’t even know how people build that fast in game on a controller. I assume they have keyboard short cuts for the play I have seen with hella fast building.

I just bought my Boba Fett skin tonight!

Play solos and you never have to hear a rando telling you to “get gud” or talk about your mom.

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Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always found writing video games to be more entertaining than playing them. YMMV.

Yay! I’m not alone! I picked up the game around Chapter 2 and haven’t left. If I’m frustrated with other games I go to it for some nice random killing and hunting. Other than the first collection of V chips that I purchased I love that the player can earn enough to continue the battle passes. This does make me want to continue playing and every now and again purchase something as a way of rewarding the devs for the fantastic game play.


TBH, If I’m gonna play against bots, I’ll just fire up Saint’s Row The Third and pick a fight with the Morningstars or the cops (or both). Much more satisfying, and cheaper.


Well solos is still real people, but all of the games (solos, duos, trios, squad) do have some bots. Some games have more than others, and it depends partly on where you put down. It seems some areas are magnets for bot spawns.

It just with solos, you don’t NEED to talk to anyone and the comms are off. I am not even 100% sure you can listen to all people on the server or not. With duos, trios or squads and playing with people I know, I will use coms. Otherwise you can just turn them off and not have to listen to randos.

Lots of kids play this game so they make it so you can insulate yourself some from harassment.

I’m with you - i can do with out comments from man babies and 12 year olds.


While the discord I started a few years ago morphed into its own large community with a focus on streaming and competition, I still have a small core group of the OG Over Forty gaming crew I play with.

DM me if you want to try teaming up with adults.


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