Pornhub confirms Fortnite as their top searched video game


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I am afraid to look any further on my work machine… and possibly on my home machine.


I’d have NSFW’d it if I thought there was anything there. Both my post and the page I link to are clear of images you’d worry about.

Following links deeper into PornHub is at your own risk. I did not.


Oh sorry I wasn’t referring to the article itself I did click out to that… mostly following links/searching for further details.


I just did. It’s typical, juvenile, male bs. Like, “getting sucked while playing Fortnite,” etc. A dozen 30 second clips from the game itself. 1 or 2 very dumb Fortnite-themed hentai vids. Honestly, nothing noteworthy here.


I have no idea how these people can twitch fast enough to play that game. My son is a stone-cold killing machine on Fortnight, I usually last for about 90 seconds. My 10 year old daughter decided simply to hide in a tree and lucked out to have the circle keep centering on her position. Ended up getting 3d place out of a 100 simply by standing still.


I must be getting old. I have no idea what fortnight is. (The game not the unit of time)


Porn sites do not make me want to play video games.



It’s an arcde battle royale style deathmatch.

In the past battle royales have been more focused on a military-simulator aesthetic, and there’s even sort of it’s own thing now with PUBG, but the arcadey ones are good too, although they don’t seem to gain traction very well for some reason.

The last arcadey battle royale I can think of is The Culling. And I think that one died because devs just ran out of interest in keeping new ideas flowing into the gameplay.


Which raises the question of what people are actually looking for and expecting to find - plain Fortnite gameplay videos, or Fortnite-themed CGI/cosplay porn? The fact that none of it is to be found there is a separate issue…


I really don’t know. It’s not my thing.


This. Plus, video games do not make me want to look at porn. Also confused.


I looked it up the last time I saw a reference to it on Boing Boing. It’s a multiplayer game in which the goal is to murder everyone else in the game world. Basically Beyond Thunderdome-style “100 enter, only one leaves,” but without Tina Turner to make it interesting.

It has been over a decade since someone made a big budget video game I had the slightest interest in playing. This has saved me vast amounts of money I might have spent on expensive video cards.


Well there has to be something there to satisfy Rule 34.


“I frequent Pornhub for the video games” is the new “I buy Playboy for the articles.”


Give it a couple more years and you’ll lose track of the unit of time also.

(I also had no idea about the game).


Actually, there’s more to it than that. Fortnite is/was a cooperative us-against-the-zombies survival game with a cartoony style and harvesting and building mechanics intended to have a minecraft-like appeal. If I understand correctly, the battle royale mode was a side project by some of the dev team to come up with a simple free-to-play demo mode to get people interested in buying the main game. But it turned out to rapidly become a massive hit, totally overshadowing the original game and putting them in competition with much bigger games with much bigger playerbases.

As for what it has to do with porn, that just doesn’t make sense. But the last time I saw an article about PornHub’s statistics, all of their top trending searches were about fidget spinners. That was odd enough, now seeing this makes me think that maybe a lot of people have somehow ended up with PornHub as their default search engine and/or browser home page.


Better than using Facebook for the purpose, in my opinion


It’s a strange but interesting premise to consider how the world would be different if Pornhub was everyone’s default search engine.


Never underestimate the power of Rule 34