Fortnite's "Fortnitemares" halloween content looks fantastic

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I have a question? What’s Fortnite?


A battle royale (last man or team standing) FPS game. Supposed to be a lot of fun but as running even old tired Team Fortress 2 heats up my GPU to throttling temp these days I haven’t had a wish to check.


The updates have been really fun, though navigating monsters AND enemy players is a big clusterfuck.

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Crack to my 14 year old.


I don’t play Fortnite, due to it not being up my alley (currently playing XCOM with mods), but I somehow really enjoy your enthusiasm anyways.


It’s also 4-player co-op PVE game with an actual story and (so many) progression mechanics. Save the World is also having a Halloween event with a unique(?) map, plus special unlockable characters and weapons. The mission types are also a bit different from what I’m used to as well. It’s worth noting that if some aspects of Fortnite look interesting to you, but the Battle Royale parts turn you away, there is another (currently not free) way to play the game.


The idea the the DLC concept has evolved into something that can be called a season of a game is very cool.

Oh no I like the look of it. But like I said my LAPTOP GPU is heat throttling from TF2 which used to run quite smoothly… and I am loathe to open the damn thing up for a long overdue cleaning.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but letting people instantly materialize walls/floors/etc. seems dumb as part of a game focused on competition/shooting each other*. Maybe I’ll try it as a medic some day or shell out for the other version.

*on principle. People are free to enjoy it, but I’m not gonna.

Full disclosure - TF2 my be ancient, but they’ve added so many polygons/etc in cosmetics and junk that it eats magnitudes more resources than it originally did.

Well there are other games that used to run happy for hours that crap out at 20 mintues from heat throttling so there is that too. I have mostly been holding out to get a SSD to make opening the 17" beast of a laptop worth the time.

I apologize. My reply wasn’t intended as a direct response to yours, but rather as an attempt to add some additional information to your helpful reply. The Zeitgeist currently refers to Fortnite when they actually mean Fortnite: Battle Royale, so it can get lost in the conversation that there are really two games called Fortnite, and they each have their own unique charms.

The building and the mobility are, I think, the aspects that distinguish Fortnite: Battle Royale from other games in the Genre like PUBG. Those mechanical differences as well as the ubiquity on platforms and the price are the factors that I believe have led to the current success. High-level play is intimidating, but I think that’s the case with any competitive game. The barrier to entry is pretty low, so I would definitely recommend checking it out even if you think you’d like the *Save the World" mode more. You can still get a feel for the core mechanics. I haven’t played all of the variations, but I don’t believe there are classes like medic in any one of them. The closest I can think of would be that you can revive team members in the squad versions. In all variations I’ve played, everyone starts out exactly the same, and any advantages are found through exploration and luck.

Save the World will be going free to play sometime next year, delayed from this year. By way of apology, they have made the founders’ packs, which are necessary to play in the current form, half off for a limited time. I paid full price, and I feel like I received a good value, but your situation may be different.

I am also a member of the 17" beastly laptop club. It’s actually been the easiest one to make modifications to, other than the inexplicable decision to mount half of the RAM on the side of the motherboard directly beneath the keyboard. That forced me to modify my plan to spec the machine with 4GiB out of the factory and then swap out for much less expensive aftermarket modules so that I have 20GiB now instead of 32. An SSD is certainly a worthwhile reason to crack that monster open, and the good ones have gotten pretty reasonable in price.

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