Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8 has pirates, bananas and battle royale

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I thought all the Cool Kids were playing Apex now…?

(at least, that’s what my 11 year old tells me)

I’m not cool.



Not with that kind of attitude!


Jumped in for a quick game this morning before work to check out the changes. The new area is impressive and promises lots of nooks and crannies and interesting new mechanics! I’m looking forward to it.

Per @thekaz, though I know you’re joking, this particular player plays both. I don’t see them as completely competing against each other, because their mechanics and playstyle are different. Fortnite’s “challenges” means I can look forward to some other goals than just winning. I also like it’s greater selection of play modes. Lately I’ve been playing a few games of Apex, then when I’m too worked up, switch to Fortnite to finish some daily challenges.

They’re just different games, like Quake vs Unreal Tournament :wink:

I definitely miss Apex’ contextual ping when I’m playing Fornite squads though!

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Didn’t Fortnite just add those pings?

I only play overwatch, so when I said “cool kids…” this was based more on what my 11 year old tells me so I take it with a grain of salt by default :slight_smile:


Fortntie added a signal similar to the ping. It isn’t as good.

Robux, according to my 9 y.o.

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Roblox is kinda neat as in people can create their own games and/or items and actually make some decent money if they are good…

My son still occasionally pops into that one, but I doubt he’d admit it

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