Battle Royale shooter 'Apex Legends' gains popularity


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I am a huge fan of Titanfall 2 and while Apex Legends is not Titanfall it has enough good mechanics in there to make me want to play a Battle Royale game occasionally. I hope it does well for Respawn.


Players choose from a limited list of classes to received special powers and offensive accents

You mean like South Boston?


“far less whimsical than fortnite”? I may try this! :slight_smile:


@jlw, do you know do they have any kind of leveled server play? Like n00b servers, experienced servers, etc… Are there any kind of “training ground” types of play styles?

I never with messed fortnite much (thought the building was silly, but obviously, that’s me… and it’s not a judgement, just a preference), and I really WANTED to be able to enjoy PubG but the learning curve for a non-super twitchy middle aged guy is BRUTAL, so I kind of dropped off.


There is a training ‘mode’ that is about 5 minutes long and then you are dumped on the island. It takes some learning but its not bad at all. Much easier than Fortnite.


Don’t want to be an asshole here but it’s not really very nice for a white guy to label minority voice actor performances as ‘offensive accents’. I can see how some folks can legitimately take offense - but I don’t see much evidence of it so far (closest are some comments that one of the voices sound like a crude approximation of a Jamaican accent). I don’t think it’s great to take offense on people’s behalf like that.


Played my first game this morning, after watching Skill Up’s short review. Training mode is great for practicing shooting the various guns (something Fortnite sorely lacks), but then I had no idea what I was doing in the first game.

How do you decide when to drop with the team, and control the entry? I didn’t find out how to open the map. I then had trouble telling where my teammates were, as the HUD is cluttered with ping points, so I had to rely on the map to find them.

I’m still looking forward to trying again a few times tonight, despite being completely lost at this stage.


I’m on the fence on picking this up. Typically i’m a grump when it comes to playing with others. Even friends. And when its in a competitive environment my grump and stress factor goes up so i find it hard to enjoy… Overwatch for example i’ve largely switched to playing single player deathmatch as i dont have to worry about losing/winning.

That said i do have a few friends that are getting into Apex, the game looks solid but the competitive nature on it is something that’s holding me back from trying it ]:


I am hoping solos and duos comes out soon.


Is anyone actually offended by the vernacular some of the characters use? I was generally impressed with the diversity of the included Legends and didn’t feel like it was anywhere near tokenization, but I guess I wouldn’t. I’d like to read/hear the perspective of some WoC/PoC on it.


I’ve played a bit with my teenager, and I like it a lot more than Fortnite, mosty because I didn’t like the building silliness. It will be interesting to see how much of Fortnite’s milkshake they drink by providing a better game, and what directions they take it during their coming year in the spotlight. I have little doubt the game will be a roaring success, it has all the good parts of FN and PUBG but done better, and removes a lot of the crappy and annoying stuff.

I admit I didn’t think of the accents as offensive, I just liked that of the 8 characters at least 3 of them are not whities and one is a robot (with an admittedly middle USian accent). 3 of them are women as well. I have no idea how accurate the accents are to the purported origins of the characters, but it is nice to see some diversity on the screen.

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