Fortnite Battle Royale now available on Nintendo Switch

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I’ve played about 10 hours of this game and gotten one kill. I’m so bad at it.

I’d like a real time, constricting playfield game like this without the construction and team elements. Anyone got any recommendations?

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Didn’t take me that long, but it takes some learning. Once you get a bit of a hang of it, it comes on fast. Try the big team modes, they give you time to learn to build and aim.

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I’m too old and too slow to be any good at this game but I love it!! I’m slowly amassing kills and survived to the end as part of a team Once!!! :slight_smile:


16 years ago is the last time I felt “good” enough at online shooters to really enjoy them. Back then I was playing Medal of Honor AA and I could regularly end up in the top 5 of 16 to 20 players. Not long after that I switched to playing offline games, I just prefer winning and that is easiest, or at least most predictable, against a computer enemy that doesn’t learn.

I played my first two games of Fortnite yesterday, on my switch. In the second one I did 65 damage, compared to the first battle where it was 0 I see promising growth :smiley:

I also feel like a total out of the loop noob, did I mis the tutorial? Are you supposed to just “figure it out” while 99 experienced players are shooting shit up all around you?

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Battlefield 5 will have battle royale. Hi-rez also has a fantasy shooter (think Overwatch or Paladins) in alpha called Realm Royale. Neither will have construction elements, and Battlefield will have vehicles. There are a couple posts on these up and comers at PA.


It would definitely benefit from a tutorial or even a sandbox mode where you can build and try different weapons. I’d also like more controller customization because I really don’t like pushing down the analog stick to run.

I’ve watched hours of a youtuber playing Fortnite (shout out to Ali-A!) so I guess I’ve got a leg up in that way, but yesterday was the first time I actually played the game.


Current problem is if you have an existing account with progress on it, and you’ve linked the account to the PS4 you are blocked from using the same account with Nintendo. Rumor is Sony is doing it


Ali A is my kids’s favorite. I like Dr. Lupo for the how-tos.

Got a Squad VR last night with a random group of Fill.


Gosh, you kids and your video games. Why don’t you play Armed Assault III as god intended?

So if you have a switch, I highly recommend Enter the Gungeon. I have 200+ hrs into it and still haven’t beaten it. It is brutal but fair, and as you play you get better and better odds.

Bonus - Fafhrd and Grey Mouser reference!

ETA - this is also on the PC/Mac/PS4 - probably more.


My husband and I played it yesterday for the first time, thinking of it as a nice stepping stone before we can play the new Fallout together in the fall. I like that it is enjoyable no matter your skill level. After our last loss in battle royale solo, we were awed to see how quickly the top player was building structures and defending themselves. There are some lightning fast hands out there!

Thanks for the rec, we will check it out. We’ve been frustrated by roguelikes that offer no reason to keep playing them on the Switch, but this sounds like it may have an antidote embedded in it.

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“Just one more run… just one more run… Is it bad the “D” key is too hot to touch?”

Thanks for the recommendation, I’ll put it on my wishlist :smile:

The first rogue-like I enjoyed playing was actually also the first enjoyable open source game I ever played. It’s not on the Switch obviously (can you imagine a open source game on a Nintendo machine :joy: ) it’s a Android game, available in fdroid:

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Fourth game, just finished second!

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I played Fortnite for a full day and didn’t enjoy it. Granted i was playing by myself but i really didn’t like the pacing of the game… that’s ok though it’s just not my cup of tea. That being said i like watching videos of it being played, there’s a few streamers i like to watch :slight_smile:

Also go get you that #1 win!

Ok. Fortnite on switch is 100x better than on my phone, maybe 85% as good on console (XB1)

Resolution is stated as less. Frame rate can get super choppy in LTM modes like 50v50 to the point of nearly unplayable frustration when your “cone of relevance” or whatever they call it is super populated.

More in an actual review once I’ve had more play time. West of Loathing caught my eye on Switch and I keep burning the battery out, then recharging just to forage meat.

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