Get a nice Nintendo Switch case for $5.35

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I find it so upsetting that I can’t use my Fortnite account on my Switch, because it’s been connected with my PS4. I was soooo excited to use my Switch as a Fortnite machine, and nope, I’d have to set up a whole new account tied to some new email address I don’t currently have. Total BS. F you, Riot and Sony.

Edit: Meant Epic here, not Riot. My bad.

I just got a case a few days ago; it looks similar to this, but black and red, and I paid $15. Ah well.

I’d heard about this. That’s certainly some crap, and from what I recall it has a lot to do with Sony being dinks.

That said, I tried Fortnite and – this is going to be contentious – I don’t see the appeal. At least not for old fart gamers like me.

I lasted quite awhile, through some miracle, and finally got popped by the guy who eventually won. I think I ended up being in 6th place. It was almost comical how easily he killed me.

Then I watched the rest of the match play out. The last two people were like freaking ninjas, pulling off moves I couldn’t have managed when I was twenty years younger. Popping around like jackrabbits on meth while throwing up and tearing down walls in a dance of the absurd until one got the sliver of an upper hand over the other, all in an area that had shrunk to what seemed like the size of an inflatable swimming pool.

At that point I pulled the “nope” plug. If I – someone just starting out – get matched with demigods, there is no point to it for me. I’m well past the point where I can hope to “get gud”.

Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think Riot Games has anything to do with Fortnite, as I believe Epic is both the developer and publisher. As @Pensketch aluded to, it’s been widely reported that this is almost entirely Sony’s doing, in that they are flexing their muscles as the dominant console platform at the moment. It’s not the first case, but it is certainly a high-profile one.

Somewhat on topic: I have two switch cases. One is similar to this one and just carries the console, some games, and a few accessories. My other case is larger and has room for the dock and more accessories, but crucially leaves out any game storage. I ended up stuffing the smaller case with just games in it into the larger case just to be able to take everything with me. I need to figure out something better.


I think something closer to an old-timey train case would probably work better for all the cruft my son has for his Switch. There’s no room for even the smallest Amiibo in this tiny case, nor is there room for the TV dock, or the Xbone-style controller.

[edit] @Pensketch: My son loves to play Fortnight. I don’t see the appeal. Mr. Kidd doesn’t see the point. It’s not that we don’t like video games, either. I’ve owned every generation of Playstation (and always have an Atari 2600 stashed somewhere), Mr. Kidd has owned every generation of Xbox.


Sorry, meant Epic. Still don’t see how this is Sony’s fault — Epic maintains my Epic account, not Sony. I get that as it can block cross-platform play involving PS4, but that’s not what I’m talking about. My Epic account for Fortnite — which existed before I ever linked in to PS4 — has now been perma-blocked from being used on Switch, even if I totally delink that account from PS4! That is all under Epic’s control.

I’m speculating here, but I’m guessing part of the terms of the agreement that Epic signed when launching on the Playstation platform included stipulations that users who linked Epic accounts to a PS4 would not be permitted to play on any other console platform. I think it’s fair to blame Epic for agreeing to that arrangement, but Sony is still the one that required it. I think it’s also fair to hold both Epic and Sony accountable for not communicating the restrictions effectively, and Epic specifically for not giving users a way to undo the damage as it were. The fact remains that Sony could announce tomorrow that they’re lifting the restriction and Epic would be able to simply flip a switch to enable cross-play with other consoles.

@IronEdithKidd, Have you seen the Save the World mode, or just Battle Royale. I find that I enjoy the PvE mode more in general. I can understand the appeal, even if it hasn’t hooked me in the same way. Reasons I think the kids are playing Fortnite: Battle Royale, in no particular order:

  • All the cool kids are playing it.
  • It streams well, and there are network effects to that.
  • It’s free, and it’s available for pretty much everything.
  • It’s relatively family-friendly, as shooters go.
  • Battle Royale games fall under the “Easy to Learn, difficult to master.” category.
    • Early experiences tend to be quick and brutal.
    • High-level players are able to last a long time.
    • High-level play looks completely bonkers (as @Pensketch observed)
    • It’s basically Tetris with guns…

I’m not sure which modes he’s been playing. Sometimes he’s on a team, sometimes he’s one against them all. I think he plays it just to learn the silly dances in the load screen. :wink:

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