FortNite Battle Royale's instantly deploying 'Porta-Fort' looks really cool

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My 14 yr old son is a master at this game on mobile and xbox.

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My kid is really good at the dances.

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that’s my 10 year old!!! him and his sister (17) are not very good at the game play itself. Her method is to hide for as long as humanly possible.

My oldest son though…man this kid is impressively good at this game. He routinely is top 3…and mobile version I don’t think I have ever seen him not be first place.

Holy cow! Mobile is SO HARD. I play on Xbox. I have 2 wins and have landed 2nd a lot, but its mostly treachery and not quick game play.

My 11 year-old climbs mountains and hides out, out running the storm. I’ve been amazed to see people climb up to the top of her hill to get a shotgun in the face. She one won with 1 kill at the end. Thats all it takes.

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He is enjoying using the guided rocket launcher to fly himself across the map.

Admittedly as a gamer, I am absolutely amazed at this kid.

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Man, I grew up playing video games obsessively. But I don’t understand any of the words in the title or what I’m even looking at. When did I get so old and out of touch?




It sort of came out of nowhere and seemingly overnight became the most popular video game in the world (literally):


It has certainly taken over my house, sometimes to my chagrin. The kids have become very good, though one of my older kid’s friends is unreal in his ability to rapidly build massive complex forts in the midst of a firefight with multiple opponents.

When I play I mostly let the experts kill each other off, try to pick off any survivors and hope to have a good spot for the final battle.

My 10 year old hid in a tree the first time she played and the storm kept recentering around her. She ended up 3d. It was pretty awesome. I have no idea how I, a 48 year old, am suppose to twitch as fast as these 15 year olds and I would pay good money to have a 40+ only server for us slowpokes.


Absolutely. If they get to where we could host a server, I’d gladly do it. I used to host a lot of CTF Quake.

I think the older person game vs younger is interesting. I have dialed my sensitivity way BACK on the controller vs the high sensitivity of the kids. I set a lot of traps and try using impulse grenades, or undermining building a lot – I can’t just go after folks with a double pump-shotty setup and slay.

I used to hack around on a game that a guy on IRC was developing (by hack I mean exploit or implement weird little things). In his game you could stack bricks and craft stuff. Years later it turns out it was an incredibly popular game with kids and he’s fabulously wealthy.


It is all just a riff on Loderunner.


The best I’ve done is 2nd without one kill. I was killed by a guy from incredibly high fort using a sniper rifle.

I hadn’t even thought about dialing back the sensitivity – I don’t play a lot of console games because I get so frustrated – but I do find that I overcorrect most of the time. I’ll give that a go.

If you can’t play it on Android, it can’t be all that big.

(I see sites offering an APK sideload. Probably a very bad idea.)

It already has cross-platform play across iOS, PC, Mac, and PS4 or Xbox (Sony won’t play nice with MS). The Android version is in the works and considering the UE4 engine also has Linux support I wouldn’t be surprised to see it there eventually as well.

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I swapped in the top video for one of me finding the fort. At the bottom is a little romp with the new “Builder Pro” controls in a fight that earns me the Porta-Fort. Was my first (and only thus far) game with the new controls or Porta-Fort. I was surprised.

Not in my house. My son and I were playing it back in October.