Gen Xers, and their kids, play Fortnite together

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Not a gamer, but thanks for sharing this. It sounds awesome, inclusive, and fun!

My hot take on the generational “divides” that supposedly make up our world… first, Gen Xers were the first generation to play video games regularly in large numbers, setting the tone for gamer culture later on.

Second, it’s such things (and our love of speculative fiction franchises, comics, anime, etc) that give us more in common with our kids than divides us.

Just look at it?


I don’t play Fortnite but I do play Apex Legends and PUBG. I also only play with people I know, or people from online communities I’m a part of. My son is a regular in our sessions and that’s always gone really well. He’s both a good asset to our teams and I also feel like I’m doing him a favor by having him play with other people that I feel model correct online gaming behavior.


My brother in law loves playing Fortnite and Minecraft with my nephew; they both bridge that gap nicely.


My kid lately has been playing Towerfull Ascention with me when she is over. I thought it would be too hard for her, but she keeps asking to play it.


There seems to be a solid dislike of the banana skin, however, which has me worried.

Banana them

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I used to play TF2 with the kid. We both have fallen away from that.
Now he plays Brawlhalla with his school friends and I suck even more at fighting games than I do at FPS games so I am not joining in there.
Bonus to Valve and their moderation their official TF2 servers are usually have very little chatter and kids screaming slurs get booted rather quickly.


We play some Apex but it faded. People will likely join you if you ask.


I played TF2 fairly hardcore but because very disillusioned with Valve washing their hands of community servers and the game in general. These days i dabble in Overwatch for the most part


I’ve never played the game, but the TF2 trailers were fucking awesome…

“I’m not a crazed gunman, dad, I’m an assassin.”


I love intergenerational gaming: “When you can snatch the pebble from the master’s hand, kid…” :smile:


TF2 as a game has held up every well considering it’s now twelve years old. And it’s graphics don’t tax my personal laptop which has a decent dedicated graphics but is no purpose-built gaming laptop.

At one point I had enough squad to play L4D and Starcraft.

Good times.


I think you hit the nail on the head there. I’m genX and a PC gamer and i’ve passed the gaming bug on to my daughter who has had her own gaming pc since the age of ten and I built every one of them for her myself. We both tend to play single player games only though so we’ve never played Fortnite or any onlne game like it. She gets her love of geek culture from me too. I raised her by myself so that probably accounts for why she takes after me so much.


Oh good… cause I’ve been trying to formulate a thesis for a while around this stuff, and it might have legs!

Also, good parenting! :vulcan_salute::point_right::fist_left:


Thank you, i do my best. :+1: I think the passing on of the gaming bug is the same as any other influence we may or may not pass on to our offspring. It’s all nature vs nurture just like anything else. good luck with your thesis. :slightly_smiling_face:


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