Amazon item description includes "Shipped from Amazon Warehouse in US, Free from Virus"

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However, this CNN story says other coronaviruses can live for at least nine days on inanimate surfaces such as plastic. So caveat truckor.

I mean, China is destroying/sterilizing currency because the virus can survive up to 12 days on it… Apparently goods shipped by the container from China to the US take about 8-10 days.

So yeah, not that absurd, even if it’s incredibly unlikely that a mass-produced good from China would reach the US consumer in the required time window to be dangerous.


I’m only purchasing well-aged cheap chinese products from now on!


The text embedded in the product image was almost certainly placed there by a third party seller. This item is only available from a seller called Double E, and they’re also listed as the brand. It’s a weird claim to hide in a product image. Those product images are like pee in the swimming pool. Once you upload them to Amazon, you can never get them back out again and they come back to you haunt you.

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All mine are going into enforced quarantine for 14 days.

(And then being sent to western re-education camps.)


It’s gluten free too.

There was a Simpsons episode like this:


Want to do something good around coronavirus? Go to a local Asian restaurant.

Racist fears are hitting them hard. Everybody has this idea that the local NA-style Chinese, or the Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc. place is going to put them at risk.

Honestly, the grocery store and McDonald’s are bigger disease vectors and not just coronavirus. So go get some Dim Sum, Pad Thai or Banh mi. Support a local business and enjoy some good food as well. There may even be less of a crowd.


However, influenza-infused blankets WILL be delivered on time to Native American reservations.


I would, but I just got back from China. I’m sick of Chinese food. So my family goes without me. They have no fear since I’m a greater risk than the restaurant (at least for coronavirus).

Also, is there a discount on trucks that might be infected? Asking for a friend.

May not even be true that the inventory comes from a US warehouse. Manufactured in China to start with.

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