Amazon workers have been infected with coronavirus in 10 warehouses across the U.S

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Bezos is the poster child for wealth redistribution, fun fact: he can use Amazon to start sending every man / woman / child in the USA a fat check.

P.S. #killamazon ----> before it kills us


I get that there’s a lot of hate for Bezos and how the Amazon warehouse workers all need more than a temporary raise. However, I’ve yet to find a place where I can go to for hard-to-find items online and getting delivery of stuff I’d have to go to a big-box store otherwise means Amazon is still going to be used in our household. I’d rather order a case of TP online than fight Wal-Mart denizens for them.


Here’s the thing. All those people are there because we the consumers are ordering TONS of things. Bezos isn’t per se “making” people work, it’s us the consumers making them be there.

Question: If Bezos announced that Amazon Prime was shut down to protect the workers, would we be OK with that?


Not keen on it but really think more stuff should be shut down. here’s the thing, my work laid me off but I could get a job next week and be back at it and will. Only have a month of leave. Gotta a car payment I’d rather not take out of savings.

But…my package

I believe that he already has or at least has shifted priority of items shipped.


Won’t that make the warehouses more crowded? Or would these be delivery drivers? With fewer people driving to and from work, that frees up some road for Amazon delivery drivers.

They don’t.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I think that would be a great idea and I’d be fine with it, provided that by doing so the workers could slow down, take breaks, and be safe.

Also, speaking for myself, I can see the writing on the wall at my work – we’ve lost two clients, and are poised to lose at least one more – so I’ve stopped ordering anything I don’t need from Amazon. They might start to think I’ve died.


Do you understand how strikes work ?

Us being all Karen becomes the leverage of labor instead of capital.


They have jobs because of consumer demand. Having a job is not a bad thing.

They are treated like shit and underpaid because of stockholder demand for perpetually increasing growth.



I don’t get it. I’ve ordered less from Amazon since the pandemic. Trying to conserve my finite resources when I don’t know how long it is going to last or if I will have a job at the end of the year.

A few things, like prescription pet food, have been useful since my vet closed up. I’m not saying I’ve gone down to zero things from Amazon, I’m not a monk.

You have heard of Instacart, haven’t you? Or order and pickup if you don’t want to go into a store.

I ran it through the Bezos filter.


I think the current state of capitalism has made it pretty difficult to define the edges around wants vs. needs. We all need food. We don’t all need as wide a variety of food choices as we are used to having. We need to maintain a certain level of mental health but to what degree are pastimes and the equipment and supplies to maintain our preferred pastimes actual something that we need. Certainly in times of war, famine or other deprivation we move the line. The line won’t be moved until it is forced though. People are not voluntarily limiting their purchases to basic physical needs and the narrative of maintaining the economy prevents people from asking the question.

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I sincerely hope all those employees have a mild course of illness and a solid recovery.

“As far as the rest of us go, this shouldn’t be too concerning, as long as they didn’t touch anything that might have gotten shipped elsewhere.”
– Smart Policy Man

My screen as I read this article.


All those packages should be exposed to Far-UVC (far ultraviolet C) light, incoming and outgoing, to protect both the processors and receivers. Far-UVC light is much, much less harmful to people compared to regular UVC light. 10 seconds of exposure will kill most, if not all, surface bacteria and viruses. Humans can be exposed to 30 minutes of Far-UVC before any damage occurs. The packages can be exposed on a conveyor belt-type tunnel, away from the workers. Cheap and effective.


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