Amazon to delay Prime Day over coronavirus

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Amazon to delay Prime Day over coronavirus: boo fucking hoo.


annual marketing and money-making Prime Day

So it’s a profit deal, eh?

Say, the more I think about it, the more I think everything Amazon does is to make money. The videos, the food, the stuff – even when it was just books. They aren’t doing it because they like bringing me stuff. They’re doing it for money.

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Aren’t they already been selling and shipping so much stuff right now they have been holding emergency hiring events just to keep up with demand?

Hard to imagine they’ll be taking a financial hit from this. If anything they’re canceling Prime Day because they don’t NEED to give people an excuse to buy more stuff from the company.

You just figured out how capitalism works. Huh. Good for you.

They’re too busy right now to keep up with stay-at-home shopper demand with a reduced work force.

Imagine if they had to 2-day deliver all the Prime Day stuff on top of that.

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