Brace yourself for Amazon Prime Day 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Yeah, that sale [?] was a total BS move by Amazon.

Who’s running the show over there?

But but but but but Amazon Prime Day was awesome - I bought a HP Color LaserJet and a bunch of supplies with rebates… from B&H Photo. B&H had the better price, suggested $80 in rebates, shipped overnight for free and didn’t charge me sales tax.

This is what happens when you get it in your mind to make a purchase and neither Amazon now Walmart can actually rise to their own challenge. And btw, Jet was the highest price of all… maybe diapers and other consumables are their forte?

FWIW, B&H has a beautiful clean uncluttered website.

Perhaps I’m the only one to have gotten a good deal on Prime Day? Doubtful.

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I wanna know when is Optimus Prime day?


What was particularly surprising is that it was such a BS move that it encouraged widespread mockery and blowback; and might even rise to the level of a deceptive inducement to sign up for a ‘prime’ membership, if anyone were to feel like pushing that idea in court.

It’s not as though Amazon are a bunch of good-natured and philanthropic benefactors, their ‘fulfillment center’ gulags are well known, as are their fairly ruthless tactics in dealing with suppliers; but they have historically had a pretty good reputation for not screwing around with the customer. Generally good prices, willingness to make-good on errors and incidents in shipping or incorrect order fulfillment, minimal bait-and-switch tactics on rebates, effectively fictional loss leaders, and the various other scummy sharp dealing tactics of big box retail.

I have to wonder what they were thinking in this case. Given what actually happened, it seems like they would have been better off doing nothing than doing what they did. Is somebody living in the same bubble that made the ‘Fire Phone’ seem like it was a worthy flagship-priced offering? Did some shareholder tell them that they’d better boost prime membership numbers within the next quarter or there would be hell to pay? I just don’t understand what they hoped to gain.

Yes, the “samsung un105s9 curved 105-inch 4k ultra hd120hz 3d smart led tv” is a real item, really for $120k. The reviews are a hoot.

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