Amazon Prime Day is not that great. But here are a few good deals

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At least we’re not being invited to punch monkeys.


The Shittiest Deals of Amazon Prime Day

BoingBoing vs Gizmodo. Round 1. FIGHT!


Friends don’t let friends play their vinyl on Electrohome “record players”…


Hah - I saw that balaclava on Gizmodo’s “worst” list, and thought, “no way - those are totally useful.”


The real winner of Prime Day, though, is Slate staff writer Mark Joseph Stern, who purchased a Bio Bidet “for no reason other than its discount.” At $36.89 ($162.11 off the list price!), that’s how you celebrate Amazon’s birthday in style.

The grand total of money I’ve contributed directly to BB over the years is $0. Considering all the entertainment they’ve provided me for free over the years, whatever they need to do to make some scratch is ok with me.


Anybody have any experience with the wifi range extender?

My experience is that it now costs 39.99.


You can only get the 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime if you haven’t had a 30 day trial of Amazon Prime in quite a while. Seems to be once every two years for me.

If you don’t want to benefit this website, you can use Amazon Smile instead.

But if I bought something because Mark recommended it, I’d use his referrer code. Whyever not?

I sent Cory a poster once, but I don’t think that counts. It would be hard to share with the rest of the crew.

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Ah, I see you can get the special price if you click on “Lightening Deal”, but it’s sold out anyway.

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It is just slightly tempting to attempt an elaborate fanfic in which each of the linked items serves a definitive purpose in the plot.

But seriously, are Razor scooters good for much? I remember they were a gigantic fad when they came out a few years ago, but dropped off the radar pretty quickly. Are they an effective and efficient means of commuting over short distances?

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Man, Amazon is getting absolutely pushy about the Prime.

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Heard that in Shao Khan’s voice.

Does Boingboing’s fatality involve jackhammer to the everything? Its animality is, natch, a firebreathing unicorn, but what about gizmodo?


There was a great deal on the Vilros Raspberry Pi ultimate starter kit but it sold out in minutes. Grrr.

I used to commute (downhill) to the Metro on one (and carry it, folded, uphill on the way home). We’ve somehow ended up with 3 more of them, now my kids and their friends use them.

Amazon is purging its warehouses of crap that doesn’t sell so that they can bulk up on items that do sell for the holidays. This is why a lot of the deals (like the utterly random selection here) are barely worth a shrug.

There will probably be a lot of deals throughout the next month or so. In mid-August Amazon will charge long-term storage fees to its individual sellers for SKUs with lo sales volume. Until that time, it’s pressuring us to offer steep discounts on those items, or to pay to have them removed from Amazon’s warehouses.

In any case, a lot of money changed hands today.


With Gizmodo’s fatality, Gawker buys you out, then Condé Nast. The animality is that it turns into Reddit.


But they bought it through Meritline so it takes 2 months to arrive by which time w00t, has acquired all of Overstock’s remaining inventory causing a null pointer exception that swallows the whole shebang. Ooh look, a Groupon…

I see quite a few in NYC. I’ve seen a grown man in a suit riding a scooter which made me wonder what I’ve done with my life.
I also saw the grim reaper roller-blade through Central Park on a random Sunday, so the scooters don’t even count as outliers. Hooray for happy mutants!