Billionaires' wealth surges as lockdownees flock to Amazon, Wal-Mart

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Are you complaining or stating a fact?

Why not both?


Is money even real at those numbers? These people bounce up and down the billionaire chart, but was it even there if it can just flicker in and out of existence so easily?

I wish people would spend their Donald J. Trump brand stimumlus checks to support local businesses. But I don’t have a lot of faith that such an idea would even occur to most USians.


I’ve been tryin. Unfortunately most local businesses are required to close.


Yeah, true. Lots of restaurants around here are doing takeout/pickup tho, and locally owned grocery stores and a grocery co op are open. Local indie bookstores are doing mail orders too.


So Bezos could afford to pick up the US portion of WHO funding?


I’m still boycotting Amazon. Am I the only one?


Probably. I use Amazon frequently but I also make a point to search out Marketplace sellers. Usually get items faster without paying as much for Prime or Amazon’s expedited shipping (especially now when Amazon has held up/slowed down a lot of items) or more niche products. But Amazon still gets their cut and platform lock in.

My wife and I plan to spend ours filling in the holes created by my 25% pay cut and her lost hours. So we won’t be stimulating shit. Just trying to keep on keeping on for another month or two. And that’s assuming we both remain employed for the next month. If not, out come the credit cards since our savings are “meager” at best.

Interestingly – to me at least – my Amazon spending has cratered compared to what it was pre-COVID. Nor do I shop at Walmart. Right now we are in a holding pattern for all expenses apart from food, mortgage, utilities, internet (which should be a utility), and minimum debt payments.


Walmart leadership has been so scummy in all of this. They waited until 2nd week of April to start protecting the workers after a huge public backlash, and then put ads on SNL this weekend calling their workers “heroes” now that they’re finally offering them masks and plexiglass to cover the registers. I was in there around the last week of March (long story) and was shocked to see nothing at all protecting the employees, and the cashier tells me “yeah, they have no plans to do anything for us.”

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My family has been getting take-out from our local favorites that are still open. Before the mask orders, we took our boxed meals to a local amphitheater, where we enjoyed a picnic in the quiet afternoon, more than 200 feet from the nearest soul.


Not alone. Not buying, and not answering their job recruiters that seem to be desperately trolling for security folks.


[rant]Why oh why didn’t I buy Amazon stock back in 2008 during the recession. I’ll tell you why. Because Amazon was just selling books back then.
I was working in Cambridge MA at the time; New England’s book selling mecca. Palm Pilots and Pocket PCs were all the rage. E-Books had just become a thing. Steven King even released one for free to all platforms. I thought the physical book market was about to come to an end.
Then Amazon added CDs and DVDs as streaming was just becoming a thing. Same reasoning on my part. Then Amazon added everything else you could possibly need and by then it was to late for the little guys like me. [/rant]

I applaud these 20th Century entrepreneurs and congratulate them on their success.

Sure, find me one that’s open and sells what I need AND isn’t out of it already.

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