Walmart stock up as markets collapse

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Local Wally World is open for business in Yucca Valley / Joshua Tree. Bring your hand sanitizer and gloves, it’s virus’y out there.


Local Kroger and Pubix have significant voids in meats, produce and cleaning supplies. Local Walmart: not a problem.

Kroger and Walmart have cut their hours. Walmart used to be open all night at the one I went to, but now they close at 11PM.

People may buy heaps of TP right now, but that only mean they will buy less in the future. With people losing their jobs, who are going to shop at Walmart in the future to generate the soaring profits?

The market is strange.


They have better logistics than most supermarkets, with their own network of distribution centers.

There isn’t much in the way of actual shortages out there. For the most part it’s just people buying shit faster than it can be shipped to stores.

Regional super market chains everything is shipped by individual vendors, and the more distant you are from a vendor the less frequent those deliveries are. With Walmart a lot of it goes to a Walmart warehouse, and they can ship to stores multiple times a day if needed.

Target and your other big box stores work like that too.


FWIW: Monday I placed an online grocery order from Walmart. Had to wait 2 days for a pick up time. They canceled about half my order and substituted 5 items on what I got. No coffee, no TP of course, no chicken, no frozen veggies. When I picked up, the clerk told me they were getting few delivery trucks because the distribution center was running out of goods.
Disclaimer: I don’t usually shop Walmart because reasons, but they’re the only store offering pick up near me and I don’t want to go into stores right now.

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Not that strange, really. Walmart is poised to take over market share from all the other businesses who don’t make it, they are demonstrating they have pretty robust supply chains, and as a bargain-basement retailer, a bunch of people who used to shop elsewhere will be inclined to start going to Walmart to save a few bucks. Yay capitalism, huh?


imagine the breeding ground at the self-checkout coral

many walmarts also have blood/sample draw test collection sites inside like quest/labcorp, so all the sick-as-hell people are there

so there’s a store I won’t be stepping into until there’s a vax available

The next step is for Walmart to stock stuff we actually need…

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Yes, there needs to be more work in flattening out the panic buying curve.

For some reason I saw the headline as Walmart stocks up as markets collapse meaning Walmart could get the goods other supermarkets cannot. Actually that is the gist of the story anyhow.

My local meijer tonight was very short on meats and soap, sanitizer, etc.

Also Rum. Very little rum left on the shelves.

Basically only the smaller 750ml bottles.

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