Amazon Prime video's Pantheon looks amazing

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I started to watch it. Made it maybe 5 minutes in, it was interesting but i got distracted by something else and i haven’t gone back to it since. Currently watching Cyberpunk edge runners, it’s excellent.


I keep hearing good thing about Edgerunner. I really need to find some time to watch it.

I’m not super deep into it. Maybe 3 eps and so far it’s great. For Pantheon, i’d be curious to hear if its good

Maybe this is pedantic, but Pantheon is not an Amazon Prime show, but rather an AMC+ show. (I believe you can watch AMC+ through Prime Video if you subscribe to both services).

In any case, the first four episodes are currently on AMC+, and even if you don’t have a subscription, you can still watch the first episode for free on AMC’s YouTube page:


You can also watch the show on Hidive

I liked the first episode, but was bummed when the second started with “Start you AMC subscription today.”

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