Amazon to be hit with antitrust charges in Europe

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I know it’s mentioned in passing, but this is literally what every single big retailer does and far more of (think supermarkets or Walmart, or even clothing stores, they have a major platform, get the data, and they launch and copy from what they learn). That is how retail has always worked. Amazon does not have a monopoly, and their market power is going to be eroded by a number of competitors who disintermediate from the Amazon platform (e.g. Shopify). This, sadly, is protectionism of home grown platforms more than anything else.

This argument gets trotted out every time the EU enforces its laws against American companies. However, these anti-trust laws apply to other companies as well, and if domestic retailers do that they get fined as well.


Doesn’t mean that it should.


I’m still boycotting Amazon. It’s been more than a full year. Feels good. Really good.


“… scooping up data from third-party sellers and using that information to compete against them, for instance by launching similar products.”

That’s Trader Joe’s, all over.

US fines EU company for breaking the law: “Well, they broke the law. That’s what you get.”

EU fines US company for breaking the law: “REEEEE Protectionism! They’re just envious! They need the money to prop up Greece!”

Optional: “They should stop doing business in the EU!”

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