Amazon will finally start paying tax in the UK

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Im surprised even you’re ignoring the fact that corporation tax is paid on profit, not revenue. Amazon hardly make profit, so there’s barely news here.

Except maybe it’ll put more pressure on profitable companies to pay fair taxes?



jeff, is that you?


A quick google will reveal:

Dig out their financial records if you think I’m drinking coolaid

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in Germany, too. According to the linked articles the EU has been stepping up pressure against EU member Luxemburg, questioning the legality of their tax deal with Amazon. Other companies named are Apple, FedEx, Starbucks, Fiat, IKEA, Pepsi and the hospital chain Fresenius, currently paying taxes (or rather, not paying much taxes) in Luxemburg, Ireland an the Netherlands. Small Luxemburg apparently buckled first. There are similar things reported in EU vs. Switzerland, but as a sovereign non-EU member they are much harder to pressure.

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So many loaded terms - “pretense” “taxless grace”, “corruption”. I remember when your rhetoric was all about freedom and the internet rising above the stale hegemony of oppressive governments, but for years now it’s been clear that you were just another entryist in ugly glasses seeking a cozy propaganda pulpit for your long-planned Trot turn. Now you’re reduced to shilling for Airstrip One’s parasitical tax feeders.

Well, the GCHQ shouldn’t pay for itself, I suppose. At least not when It has useful idiots to do its collecting for it.

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So many loaded terms - “oppressive”, “propaganda”, “idiots”. I remember when the radical market liberals had not yet been proven wrong, and people actually believed that transferring all of societies’ assets to private corporations would result in better management to the benefit of everybody. I never bought into that, but I could, in some way, respect their idealistic vision. With what we know today, the delusion of it all has become so apparent that every time I hear that old, broken record I wonder what is powering it, a paycheck from some PR department, or just a medical condition.


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You do know it’s not an either/or situation, don’t you? The “freedom” talked about by lib-caps is just more heirarchical, authoritarian bullshit, but you think you will benefit from it so you refuse to see it for yourself. Not that I am fan of the government, whatever flavour it happens to be, but lib-cap theory makes statism almost seem appealing in comparison.

You are right about one thing though. The money the govenment gains from Amazon will probably go towards oppressing the population rather than helping the needy.

“Freedom without socialism is privilege and injustice; socialism without freedom is slavery and brutality” - Mikhail Bakunin


Should we add @Ultan to The List™ of People Who Are Disappoint In Boing Boing?

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