Amazon used a China firm on U.S. blacklist for thermal cameras to monitor workers for COVID-19 fever

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I mean, considering how Amazon treats its employees and “independent contractors” (who work on Amazon property and wear Amazon uniforms and follow only Amazon’s training and rules) it’s not surprising in the least.

In fact I’d be surprised if Amazon weren’t directly consulting with the chinese state about how to properly subjugate and inure their workers to squalor, pain, and hunger. And how to grind up their underperformers into useful biological resources.


As a former Amazon software developer, I can tell you from experience that Amazon is nothing more and nothing less than a machine designed to optimize its own money-making capabilities. If we allow this company to continue its existence, eventually it will be the wealthiest entity on a planet completely devoid of human beings.


That certainly appears to be their not-well-thought-out goal. Who will buy their crap if we’re all dead?

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The robots they built to replace the population.

Basically their plan is to turn the earth into a worse version of Aperture Science.


My ex-wife managed a medical office in South Lake Union where the main campus is for 5+ years. She would see them go from happy new hires with stars in their eyes to become stressed out people desperate to escape within 2 years. On average they had 3-5 people break down in tears sobbing uncontrollably on a weekly basis. And these were the developers, designer and projects managers, not even the warehouse folk and other independent contractors.

I get pinged on linked-in by Amazon frequently and every time I think, nope, not that desperate.

ETA: Her thoughts on the employees was they were some of the brightest, nicest, young people she had ever met and it broke her heart to watch them jump into that meat grinder.


Well, one is run by a megalomaniac who has delusions of grandeur and wants world domination and the other is run by a lonely AI who just wants some company.


Will the robots buy their crap?


Sure, they’ll be programmed to. It’ll be a constant stream of autonomous trucks moving thousands of pounds of Amazon shit between warehouses from algorithmic marketplaces selling to and buy from each other back and forth until the sun expands out past earth’s orbit and consumes the planet.


“Amazon used a China firm…”

Are they prone to breakages?

I would say at that point it won Capitalism. Roll credits.

This news seems like something a competent President who had an axe to grind against Bezos would leverage into a full investigation that would end up costing Amazon millions and perhaps some significant fines and jail time for certain decision makers.

Instead, Trump’s trying to make Amazon pay more for postage while he’s also working to eliminate the Post Office.

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