Amazon's "Best Books of 2014"


It’s interesting that one of the books on the list (Stephen King’s Revival) was released just today.


The “100 Books to Read in a Lifetime” seems a little cavalier. Maybe trying to appeal too broadly to everyone? The Hunger Games? That’s top 100 material? Nice to see A Brief History of Time on the list. Hopefully Stephen Hawking will someday be beatified on a pop-star-athlete level, if not for his brilliant career, then for his sheer determination.

A literature related side-note: A buddy recently was telling me about the prison library at the penitentiary in California where he did 14 years. He made prison sound pretty goddamn appealing. 23 uninterrupted hours to read whatever you want? Maybe this corporate fiefdom won’t be so bad if you get incarcerated before they just start letting anyone in.

Not really. Reviewers/editors frequently have copies of books to read many months before they are officially published.

Preview copies or no, it’s presence near the top of the list was enough to dismiss the entire thing as BS.

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People form reading lists based on what they consider to be important. It’s an inherently flawed process. One might just as well ask why most of the authors on there are English/American.

Also, how did your friend manage to sleep only one hour per day?

He didn’t, that was Masturbatin’ Hour.


On this list was Ben Macintyre’s “A Spy Among Friends: Kim Philby and the Great Betrayal” which was excellent by the way; I’ve read several books about Philby, including his autobiography, but this one really made me think I understood Philby, and was quite enjoyable. Also pretty scary how he got so close to leaders of both MI6 and the CIA.

You’ve obviously not been in prison :wink:

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