The CIA writes like Lovecraft, Bureau of Prisons is like Stephen King, and the NSA is like

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Is this sort of a corollary to the “He who fights monsters” adage? Or has the Abyss stared back?

It doesn’t sound like they included Steinbeck and his ilk. Only this year’s popular authors?

Oh my god! Lovecraft should not be a possible outcome.

That website is fun. I put in three of my short stories and got Kurt Vonnegut, Douglas Adams and Ursula K. Le Guin. I’m pleased with the results, but even more pleased it didn’t just come back with


I don’t know if the guy who did this ever improved the code, but back when I first tried this, it would give back writers based on keywords in the text. When I put in text about WW2 cryptography, it told me I wrote like Ian Fleming; when I put in text about wizards and dragons, it said Ursula K LeGuin. Write about NSA, cryptography, issues of privacy and so on — as I’m sure the NSA must, even if it’s only plotting to get around privacy laws — and if it has Cory Doctorow in its data, it’ll return Cory Doctorow.

I’m sure the NSA and other government TLAs write like insipid bureaucrats for the most part, except when they write like venture capitalists while trying to persuade government to buy them more server farms.


Especially bad when the text is about trans identities (it did it for me). I can’t imagine what horrors would have come from Lovecraft’s mind if SRS were an option when he was alive.

When I was talking about politics I got George Orwell. I wouldn’t say our beliefs were identical but we have (had?) similar concerns.

A text about how I used to explore bits of Cumbria, then when I moved away and became ill I used open world games instead got me Vladimir Nabokov. That may be more disturbing than the trans/Lovecraft result (I’m not familiar with any of his work other than Lolita).

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I wonder which one of those cum-addled fuckwits the Republicans are currently trying to get enpresidented I comment like.

So, I put in 3 different samples and I got Harry Harrison, Kurt Vonnegut, and Cory Doctorow!

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