FBi kept files on Ray Bradbury: "Definitely slanted against the United States"

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So failure to smile cheerfully and rest assured that global thermonuclear war would, no doubt, result in the best of all possible ‘tragic, but nevertheless distinguishable’ outcomes counted as anti-American?

The Cold War is a hell of a drug, man.


FB… i??

In any case, that sounds like your average totalitarian justification for why media should be tightly controlled. There is Our Message that is Good and Everything Else that is Bad. Expressing your own feelings is sabotage, parroting the Party line is patriotic.

Good thing they were not able to follow through… completly I mean.


At this point I’d say that any smart, talented, cutting edge public figure that does NOT have an FBI file should probably feel a bit snubbed.


I wonder who has (or doesn’t have) a FBI (or NSA) file today…

Because I find it believable that the principles stay and the files are being kept, regardless what flavor the political regime is at any given moment.

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Perhaps the whole “watched by the FBI/bad boy/rebel/thug life” thing explains https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuck_Me,_Ray_Bradbury

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Well of course science fiction writers are suspect. Look at all those utopias where everybody wears a white toga. You never hear them discussing the profitability of their businesses, do you? Or their shares in Sirius Cybernetics?

Reds, I tell you. Reds!


Anyone who thought Bradbury hated America didn’t read, oh, half of his work. Waxing poetic about small-town middle America was kind of his thing.


I think the problem here is “who-or-what really constitutes The United States of America.”

Apparently a much-praised and popular fiction writer has less claim to “America” than a paranoid intelligence agency.


What’s really odd is that instilling distrust and paranoia was exactly how a lot of science fiction of the day promoted suspicion and fear of the Communist Menace, which you would think the FBI and associated red-baiters would be supportive of.

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He’s not against the United States. Just against your personal vision of the United States.

Like those “Love It Or Leave It” bumper stickers. I love my country. It’s you guys who are harming it, not me. You leave.

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The final paragraph of that report… He had a story banned in Russia because it slandered Communism. The fricken FBI say that and still suggest…

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