Prisoner on literary censorship in Guantanamo Bay


We need that occasional reminder.


We can’t have books be too sweary incase they might get dirty ideas



He needs to ask for Grey Is the Color of Hope by Irina Ratushinskaya.

The gulag memoirs of a brave woman, a distinguished dissident and poet–Ratushinskaya gives her account of the four years she spent in a “strict regime” labor camp at Barashevo, where she endured several types of abuse.

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funny about the dostoyevsky v. orwell.
it’s almost as ironic as the politicians falling in love with the fountainhead. for those who haven’t read this because they found it awkward in it’s phrasing: it was written by ayn rand (a recent immigrant fleeing oppression only to find the same in a new and unfamiliar environment) about how the nature of man’s inhumanity to man would never reach a height grand enough to cease. personally, i wonder how 1984 fares as a prison/jail selection nationwide.

Honest question: So there was one guy who was released from Guatanamo and he went right off to become a terrorist, right? So no one else can be let out, they say(?). And these guys are very, very removed from any ways to actually do or inform or perpetuate any terrorist activity (right?).

So, why the ultra-strict measures? Especially at this point? Why the harsh treatment? What is the justification? Wouldn’t it be much cheaper and easier to do things more like a regular jail?

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I’m not sure that Ayn Rand’s stuff is supposed to be satire. Of course, I also believe that Machiavelli wrote The Prince as satire. Either way, they’re not blueprints to be followed.

I still don’t understand why we think regular jails can’t hold these guys if they’re actually guilty. Hah! Oh wait. They’re not actually convicted of anything. Real jails require a conviction of some sort, even if your evidence is entirely lies.


it’s not satire. read the miserable treatment of the english language if you feel like it. she wrote that in response to finding more cruelty after fleeing cruelty. she has said so.

as to something as dated as machiavelli’s the prince, you are lame.

you need to grow up. want to try jail/prison? do something you don’t regret, ever.

It seems there is some circular reasoning on part of the US Gov: Lock people up because they probably hate us and will do bad things because of it. Torture and treat them miserably while imprisoned to make sure they hate us so we can’t let them go.


I call it The Wheel of Puke.

Somehow I find it the best analogy.

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I wasn’t aware they could censor books given to prisoners. That seems worse than withholding the book in the first place.
It wouldn’t reverse all the things currently wrong with our government to shut down Guatanamo, but it certainly would be a great start.

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They confiscated… The Gulag Archipelago…


Oh fuck, we’re doomed.

I don’t want them on that wall!

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