Amazon's government charm offensive: bringing lawmakers in for warehouse tours

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Potemkin warehouse?


I’ve visited Amazon “Fulfillment Centers” before (when I worked for Amazon). They’re an amazingly efficient machine. Problem is, it’s difficult to find room for a lot of humanity in the middle of a machine. Every year they add a bit more automation – giant robot arms for routing boxes, Kiva robots for moving shelves around for pickers, autonomous transports to move things from one end of the giant building to the other – and it starts looking more and more like people are just mice crawling around inside a clock. So far, human beings are still the most flexible way to recognize items on shelves, pull them off, and put them in a box. I don’t expect that to be the case beyond 2030.




Free access to the warehouse should be treated as income for anyone up for election and it be made sure that contribution limits followed accordingly. Fuck Bezos.


I just saw an ad from amazon offering me a free warehouse tour while browsing NYT. Seemed cool but I am sure that the boiler room warehouses that have real problems are not on the tour.


My first thought was they should have to film an episode of a new show called “Undercover Lawmaker,” where they must spend a week in the warehouse as a Workamper.


No way they relaxed the quotas on tour day, right?


A brief tour through selected areas of a warehouse followed by a surf n’ turf lunch where the politician is given 4 minutes to grandstand their worn out speeches to the accolades and forced wonderment to people wearing nice suits.
Sounds like a wasted afternoon for the entire country.

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