Amazon to enforce social distancing in warehouses with AI surveillance software 'Distance Assistant'

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That’s not horribly dystopian and ripe for abuse. (Just like every other “employee assistance” technology this company uses).


Amazon Uses AI To Distance Itself From It’s Problems.


…as long as the workers are constantly watching footage of themselves…? Or are all wearing some kind of AR gear?

The problem is that people are working in a situation where they end up closer together than they should. The problem is not that people can’t tell how far they are from one another!


If you stay red for too long, do they sent out armed killer drones to fix the situation?


Surveillance and punishment. What other possible options could their be? They certainly couldn’t reward workers. That would be SOCIALISM!


When first self improving AI arises from some secret lab and sneaks onto the the internet, it’s will quickly conclude that humanity is too dangerous to its existence to be able to roam free. It’s going to be really confused when while pillaging our data stores it finds that we already did the hard work for it.

I mean… hooray for social distancing, but fucking creepy.


Workers who fail to keep a safe distance will be circled in red.

Following which, Ring of Fire will be played over the PA throughout the entire warehouse.

Seriously tho, fuck Amazon.


This is just a fancy window-dressing stopgap measure that Amazon will promote as “innovation” until it can cut all humans out of the warehouse loop.


Can’t wait for that social distancing while still getting the job done contest.

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That seems overwhelmingly likely to be the kicker.

Adopting some noble(or at least non-illegal) code of conduct or standard of practice; simultaneously demanding results that can’t be achieved without deviating from it; and then treating the inevitable results as not your fault because it’s just peons acting against instructions is an ancient trick at this point.


Well, there’s my dystopian headline for the day. Woot 2020s!

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Read about something similar two days ago (minus the AI part): Some hotels in Spain and Greece use some kind of bluetooth doodad on a lanyard to enforce distancing between guests. It has a big light that turns from red to green if people are to close to each other, sound effects optional.

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